Agarwood oil thread.

  1. Sparky
    Hey YouNight - I heard somewhere there's a poll on just that!

    I've tried adding a 1/4 ml alcohol to almost empty sample vials with surprisingly good results. Obviously that's not an accurate answer
  2. MrP
    Bluemoon -

    I didn't keep records. I chipped up a bunch of a largish block of agarwood I had lying around into fine splinters. I heated up an ounce of 95% ethanol double-boiler style. I added the wood chips and let them macerate. I filtered the spent chips and repeated. I did this until the alcohol was saturated. I say it was saturated because a black goo settled to the bottom of the bottle when it cooled - the room temperature alcohol could not dissolve all the resin and whatnot that was dissolved in the hot alcohol. I have no idea how much oud wood I used relative to the alcohol.
  3. YouNight
    Cheers, Sparky!

    I usually use 2 or 3 drops of a 3% ambergris tincture to help 'gather' the last bit of oud in vials. Like you said; works well.

    Earlier today, I ended up putting one of my agarwood CO2-extract samples into my diffuser (the kind that you put a lit tealight candle under a dish). Just submerged the vial and stopper/wand in water and lit the candle.
    Pretty nice, actually. Didn't smell any different than the oil in the vial, but perfumed the house nicely.
    Makes me think that doing it with a really nice oud could be wonderful. I guess the experience would be limited to the opening/initial aromatic profile of the oud, but that's often my favorite part of The Evolution, anyway.
  4. bluemoon
    Wow, YouNight! How much oil was in that CO2 vial? I was wondering how much oil it would take to perfume a room. I don't think my bank account would appreciate it if used any more than a drop, and even the idea of using a full drop makes me wince -)
  5. bluemoon
    MrP:I can't even imagine a "largish block" of agarwood! :-) I think most of the wood I have could be classified as largish splinters :-)
  6. MrP
    This piece was a lucky find at an old TCM shop that had large sculptures, etc. it wasn't cheap, but not expensive by today's standards. Maybe the size of a paper coffee cup. I wish now I hadn't smashed so much of it up. Didn't really realize fully what oud was at the time. Smells a bit like Borneo wood to me, but not exquisite in aroma.
  7. MrP
    That's a nice way to clean out the vials, Younight. I guess I am not going to surprise anyone when I say how amazingly a little ambergris rounds out the aroma of oud oil. Wow!
  8. YouNight
    Bluemoon; when Eden says that the sample size (for some of their samples) is "tiny", they ain't kiddin'!
    There probably wasn't much more than a small 'droplet' off of a wand would be (I know that's not a helpful/real measurement, but...), but that stuff was so viscous, I don't think it would've been possible to get it out of the bottle without heating it.
    I'm guessing that not more than a drop from the wand of any bottle of oud would be needed to get a decent smelling session out of. And as the water evaporates, you can just add more to get the most time out of the oud.
    Cool idea, by the way! I must say that I'm pretty interested in trying it with some of my better ouds.
    Different than burning/warming chips, no doubt, but not entirely unrelated!
  9. YouNight
    MrP; absolutely! As subtle as ambergris is (in a 3% tincure, at least), against oud, it imparts its own beauty without obscuring or muddling the oud's profile. It sorta helps makes the getting-to-the-end-of-a-vial-of-oud just a little less tragic.
  10. bluemoon
    Coming to think of it, I haven't tried the diffuser with sandalwood oil, either. I've got quite a bit of Sri Lankan that would be good to experiment with.
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