Agarwood oil thread.

  1. acer3
    Ensar, please stop nit-picking every word I write ...

    Please do tell, how did you find out that Indian Symphony had Muskone in it?
  2. Ensar
    We had a visitor from Toronto here at the zayiwa in Amman. He swung by my place for coffee, picked himself up a bottle of Oud, and said he also had another Oud with him, which he bought in Toronto. Curious to see what this was, I asked if he'd be kind enough to show it to me. He said he'd bring it on the Sheikh's nightly walk with the dervishes later that evening.

    "But where did you get it from?" I enquired.


    Later that evening (the night before last), just as all the dervishes were giving final farewells to each other after the walk with the Sheikh, some to return to their homes in expectation of the Eid, Rafae handed me the gold Indian Symphony bottle to inspect.

    All the warm wishes, the prayers they were uttering for each other and biddings of farewell came to a sudden halt. Everyone was staring at me intently as if to say, "Ensar, are you okay, man?"

    Beside myself with disbelief, I was shouting: "La hawla wa la quwwata illa bi LLAH!" -- a traditional invocation uttered when something overwhelming or unbelievably shocking occurs.

    "MUSKONE!... This has been laced with Muskone!.... This is the Oud he gave you???"

    So how did I know that Indian Symphony had Muskone in it? How does any GP know anorexia when they see it? That the stuff is synthetic there is no question at all. The question is, is it just 10 - 15 % muskone and other French aroma chemicals, or is it more like 40 - 50%?

    To be sure, I am going to have it gas-chromatographed, as I think it's worth finding out.

    Rafae just swung by and dropped it off. I'm sorry to say I had to pay rather dearly for it!
  3. acer3
  4. okonos
    Wow, so bad even the prayers and farewells had to stop? It's like god himself has been insulted. As we *won't* be saying here when confronted with such competition-bashing and self-promotion: 'There is no pure oud save through you!' The supercilious grade really is the worst.
  5. okonos
    But back to other things:

    @ Bluemoon: Yes, I've added a drop of KSSS to an oil burner (ie small bowl of water above a nightlight). It works OK, but the oil never fully vapourised. When the water itself evaporates, after I'd finished burning, there was therefore an oud residue left on the bowl. So I rarely do it now.
  6. Igor01
    Ensar, are you sure the bottle indeed contains Indian Symphony and not the Areej mukhallat? IIRC, the second edition of Areej was aimed at replicating King Fahad which has a healthy dose of muscone in it and Taha fully acknowledge that he was using muskone as one of the ingredients of the second Areej. Is there a lable on the bottle identifying the oil in it as Indian Symphony?
  7. Ensar
    @okonos, I'm sorry to be lacking in cunningness, and speaking the truth when I see it. Perhaps if I'd worded my critique of Indian Symphony in this way it might have met with your approval?

    I've been using (and enjoying) pure nagarmotha oil for some time now..
    And I just revisited Royal Kinam after a long time (and a long exposure and familiarization to nagarmotha), and the similarity to nag is almost creepy. : \

    It smells like a 50/50 (or even 25/75) Crassna oud - nag mix.
    And interestingly, it even displays the same characteristics, like numbing the sense of smell, and the fact that it disappears very quickly.

    I don't doubt Ensar's credibility or integrity one bit, nor am I attempting to cast aspersions in that regard, but I'm wondering if the distiller he got it from maybe mixed the two oils. : S
  8. Ensar
    @Igor, what was the price tag of the Areej?

    I wouldn't touch synthetics with a barge pole, let alone bottle them up and send them to people.
  9. diallo
    Okonos same experience with KSSS! Try placing aluminum foil on a charcoal that has been lit for about 10min place a drop on and you will get better results. Not quite the same scent profile but it's pleasant.

    Ensar, just so you know I got infractions for using religious terms and or speech and threatened to be suspended which this will probably lead to after I type this. Just be careful akhi.

    acer3 Leave it akhi it's not going to go anywhere! Talk to Taha himself.
  10. diallo
    Ensar apparently I offended members here with my religious phrases or speech, just looking out for a brother. I'm not mocking you or anything just letting you know!
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