Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. acer3
    Hehehe, let's hope someone does!

    I call dibs on box + crystal bottle!
  2. acer3
    Offer open to ANY trusted basenote member!
  3. Oudh Seeker
    Oudh Seeker
    I've found a couple of oud oils from Arabian Bazar at One is Al Manasek( like the one Acer talked about) and the other is Seufi.

    BTW, Oriscent has elevated his Sheikh's Borneo's price from $280 to $345. Only 3 bottles are left. I've got one a few months ago, but didn't like it that much. Maybe I need to give it sometime until it convinces me.
  4. RashidD
    Acer and Manuel, when do you plan on buying?
  5. dredmahawkus
    As long as someone does all the work and just sends me the oud and I send them money I might be in. I just work 28 hours a day and have no time to split..... I think the person who splits gets the crystal.

    I never tried an al haramain oud...... My opinion out of ASAQ ajmal AO Swiss Arabian ....ASAQ is the best by far!
  6. Manuel
    Acer, the bottle and box is are all yours bro. Would you be up to making the split?
    Dred, shall we consider that a tentative "yes"? :-D
    Rashid, if you'd like to jump in we can coordinate the purchase any time.
  7. dredmahawkus
    I am mad! I got the wrong thing from zahras again! I ordered the ASAQ aged the aged and smoked which I already had!!!! anyone want it i ALREADY HAVE IT!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i was looking forward to the other one....sweet buttery. I am totally addicted to it! i have only like 1ml left of it! and needed more! not more of the smoked! I got a couple al haramain samples! I never tried al haramin! seuofi I think or something like that. also she sent me 16 year smoked...smells like the other smoked just a little better....suofi or something like that ASAQ oud. some white ones that say they are ouds? some swiss arabian oud....rose taifi which she sent me last week a 1/4 tola!!! lol and a couple ASAQ perfume oils. I have like 3 al haramins I will try tonight and let you guys know if my mind has changed
  8. Manuel
    Dude, is Zahra f-ing up lately or what???
    How many mils is that Cambodi?

    "White ouds" are just light, crowd-pleasing oud-like fragrances. I'm sure they're 100% synthetic.
    I picked up a dram of it labeled "Oud Emirati" from a few years ago. It's quite nice for what it is. ASAQ offers a "white oud" as well, I was thinking of getting a sample of it through Al Munawwara Perfumes, just for the hell of it.
  9. acer3
    Yes, that will be of no problem to me hehehe I can facilitate all of your splits and post them out to you. Allow me some time to liase with some of my contacts and see where I could buy it from at the best price available.

    Abubakr, would you care to join us?
  10. acer3
    Wow Dred 28 hours a day?! Dear lord ... you must be dead tired at the end of every day ...
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