Agarwood oil thread.

  1. acer3
    A bit off topic, yesterday I went out to get me some Sandalwood oil and Frankincense oil as well. The sandalwood oil cost me like $55 for 10ml bottle (santalum spicatum) and the frankincense cost me like $30 ... anyways, the lady asked me what do I plan to use it for? I was like as an infusion, she was like ohh ok what sort of infusion, I was like you know just like mix some other items with this and see what happens. Then she told me, do you know if you place a drop of lavender essential oil on your wrist, you can detect it in your kidneys like 5 minutes later. I was like umm ohh okay then? She was like yeah you gotta dilute these oils prior to using them and stuff. I was ok then thnx.
  2. dredmahawkus
    detect it in your kidneys like your piss smells like it? or if you gave yourself a blood test you would test possitive for sandalwood growth hormone?
  3. RashidD
    Acer i'll have to wait a bit. I have shuyookhi in the mail and wanna see how it reaches here or if it gets stuck. If it works out then it should be ok to go ahead and order.
  4. acer3
    Dunno mate ...
  5. Al-Khidr
    Acer3 -- That's an interesting story about the lavender, and I'm sure it is at least sort of true. These oils really go into your skin and can enter your bloodstream. Lavender and many other truly pure oils might be best diluted with something, in case you're prone to irritation.

    But dude, I must say, I'm still tripping off of your story about oud and cadavers. Ever since I've known about oud, I never would have imagined such a juxtaposition. Not to mention thirty swipes of oud!
  6. acer3
    Yeah me neither Al-Khidr, I couldn't establish any connection between the Indian Oud I was wearing and the cadavers ...

    Perhaps I should mention something else as well lol?

    At times when I have worn Sharif's Black Musk Kasthuri, I've been told by some of my female classmates that I reek! Then their are those who love it to bits! I have even been told that it smells like dirty socks, in a way which is both disgusting and draws you in so as to place the dirty sock over your face and smell it!

    Hahaha I swear I kid you not!
  7. acer3
    Yes, yes, I would make an excellent story teller lol
  8. Oudh Seeker
    Oudh Seeker
    If I buy Ensar's Assam Kinam, I'm not going to smell like a footballer's socks now, am I?
  9. acer3
    Meh ... who knows lol ...
  10. acer3
    Manuel, Dhen Al Oud Malaysia Maliki - 1 Tola - 1500 Dirhams

    I asked for Oudh Malaysia as per your request but I received a reply that, "We have many Malaysia Ouds so we need to know the exact name or item number."

    I'm guessing that's a good quality Malaysian Oud that you are after?
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