Agarwood oil thread.

  1. Oudh Seeker
    Oudh Seeker
    I bought half a tola quite a while ago of a malaysian oud for 500 Reals. Full tola costs something like 1200SR.
  2. acer3
    Oudh Seeker, is their an Al-Haramain store in your city?
  3. Manuel
    I only have the photo on my calendar to go by:
  4. Oudilicious
    Oud Seeker

    Ensar's Assam Kinam was one of my favourites in the sampler pack. I wanted to write about it but managed only a few lines. The review on the Assam Kinam page pretty much sums it up. It has this real possessiveness about it. Kind of overwhelming when first applied!

    I was just telling Acer (the great oud guy that he is) that Ensar is almost sold out of the sampler pack i got which i guess means new oud oils. I have fallen in love with Blue Brunei and Assam Kinam. Both very different but for two totally different moods i fell.

    Mr.Taha got back to me for Agaraura. What a lovely guy! Very, very helpful!
  5. acer3
    I shall try again for you Manny

    One other thing I forgot to mention to you guys. If 1 drop of Lavender oil can be detected in your kidneys 5 minutes later, what would that imply for Oud oil?

    It has to have some sort of effect, right?
  6. dredmahawkus
    and what does 30 sticks do to you?

    it goes right to your brain and makes you buy more.
  7. acer3
    Hehehe indeed it does Dred
  8. hawk
    dred, the one you ordered is the one at 300$ per tola from ASAQ ? because you said sweet and buttery and those two words always get my attention when it comes to oud and I think cambodi is the only oud that can be sweet a buttery!
  9. luigi_g

    you wrote "Rashid there is no such thing as distilation of Musk"

    may i ask from what authority you have this info, or are you simply posting your opiniun?
    as that statement is totally false, this type of statement is what is wrong with todays fragrance industry,
    things get posted that are completely missleading and false and for the most part the public
    reads and believes this bunk!

    of course there is musk distillations, ask any organic chemist, or perfume chemist, or a perfumer
    that actually knows something.
  10. Manuel

    I understood him to mean that there is no extensive practice of heating musk grain in water, collecting & condensing the vapor, and then extracting a resulting oil. I myself have only been aware, through my own minimal research, of tincturing and steeping in oil methods. These two methods seem to be the two most commonly accepted methods as well when dealing with pure musk grain, which is probably why he stated it as such. Abubakr has never claimed expertise, if you read through the back-log of posts, nor has he tried to pass off his opinion as hard fact.

    If you know of something otherwise than the previously stated methods, then please do tell us. It will add to the discussion and enrich it.
    When you just jump in with an admonishing tone the discussion just goes downhill.
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