Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. dredmahawkus
    I dont know that much about it....but dont you just soak musk pods in usually sandalwood? you can distill it?
  2. divinemama
    Well said, Manuel.
  3. dredmahawkus
    does anyone know if ASAQ cambodi mattak is sweet? I have an ASAQ oud that is really sweet like I ordered more. when I recieved mine it was mubakhar...smoked....but ASAQ swears it I have smoked...and it smells pretty identical to me.....does anyone know if ASAQ makes another regular cambodi other then thaqeel...and how many they make? and what they are called? I am stumpped! I want to find this smell I love it!
  4. divinemama
    Dred, could this be the oud you are looking for from ASAQ...16 yr old oud
    Dhen Al Oud Cambodi Matak Mubakhar Qadeem? It is currently listed as $555 per tola from Zahras. It is farther down the list than the other two Cambodis on their ASAQ list. I haven't tried it yet, but I understand it is well liked by some on this group.
  5. abubakr_al-misky
    Thanks Manuel, Yeh there are better ways of correcting someone with better Akhqlaq (manners). Anyway you took the words out of my mouth (fingers actually). I based my statements on what we have spoken about on this actual thread. We had this discusion a long time ago with some older basenoters who actually are biochemist or something close to that nature. This is when we were talking about Agarscents' Musk because they used the phrase "distilled the old way" and most had a problem with this statement because we have not known any method of distillation like is done with flowers which results in a hydrosil water and essential oil seperation. If anyone has any other knowledge and is able to teach us with out attempting to rip our head off and has a little patience then please do, we would all like to learn.
  6. dredmahawkus
    no thats not ir DM I have a sample of that....its mubakhar also (smoked) this one is not smoked....the only cambodi zahra has listed on her site that is not smoked is cambodi mattak. she must have just sent me the wrong thing cuz it smelled exactly the same as my mubakhar (smoked) nothing like sweet unsmoked cambodi. so either the mattak is the one i am looking for...or its another from ASAQ that they gave her and told her was mattak and is not on her site! well I ordered it again! and hopfully I will get what I wanted this time! if not I am going to have to search for other ASAQs that are not on her site that they make that arent smoked!

    btw I am wearing 16 year cambodi today. its pretty much the same as the mubakhar. smokey....but when the smoke clears the cambodi is a little bit better.
  7. dredmahawkus
    I just need to know what cambodi's ASAQ makes that arent mubajhar(smoked) besides the one zahra calls mattak and thaqeel. are there any others? thats all I need to know if anyone knows any names of them.

    now on ASAQs site they list
    old indian agarwood....i guess thats kalakassi? but then again theres another listed called aged indian kalakas agarwood
    royal steamed agarwood
    seoufi agarwood
    alsafa agarwood

    are any of these cambodi? they dont even list thaqeel on their site.....I think seoufi is indian right?
  8. luigi_g
    wait a second, the exact post started off as
    "Rashid there is no such thing as distilation of Musk"

    and if i didn't know better and or was a newbie and read that post, i would
    now have an influenced idea that musk is not distilled, right?

    so what is wrong with setting the record straight, and if it was an 'admonishing tone', then so be it, maybe some may think before they post as a fact without knowing or without
    regard to accurate info.......
  9. acer3
    On a brighter note guys, I would love to know if musk grains can be distilled?

    If that would be the case, then what about the other animalic scents such as Civet, Castoreum, Ambergris?

    Please do tell us Luigi!
  10. acer3
    Luigi, also if you wouldn't mind sharing what difference moist grains would make as oppossed to using dry grains? Tnx in advance mate!
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