Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. luigi_g
    hi acer,

    well without giving away 30 yrs of info and proprietary secrets, i can tell you
    that musk can be distilled.

    i can also post this text as it is public info and could be found using the right search
    so i am not giving anthing away:

    "Musk yields by distillation with steam and subsequent purification a small percentage of a viscid colourless oil with a very powerful and agreeable odour of musk"

    that is the classic white musk process and it was written years and years ago.
    here's the link,


  2. luigi_g
    and to answer your other question about dried grains, i am not sure what grains you had that are dry, real musk could be somewhat dried, but they are never hard hard grains, if they are hard like crystal and look shiny those are fake, man made, real musk is always moist and will vary to some degree, but you should always be able to squeeze the grains in your fingers and they should feel gressy, the correct term is 'unctuous'.
    like all the fake musk grains sold on ebay, or websites like ming_china, or agarscents and the like.

    i should also point out that if you look at that image of the musk pod in the deer, you will understand why
    musk pods don't have hair all over them, real mus pods have just a few hairs near the opening, and a few means
    10 or 20 maybe thats it, not like the fake pods that are just a man made ball / pouch
  3. acer3
    Tnx luigi I meant to say, the normal musk grains as oppossed to the freshly extracted musk grains (farmed deers I think?)

    Which would give a better result when infused into sandalwood oil? What difference would heating the oil do as oppossed to not heating it? When infusing the grains into the sandalwood oil, how long are we suppossed to heat the mixture for? Around 5 minutes in a water bath?

    Do you have a distillation of musk grains?
  4. luigi_g
    acer, i forgot the rest of your question, you can distill civet, actually that has a very high
    yeild, assuming you get real civet and it is a high quality, so good civet has about an 80%
    or even higher amount of civetone, some big houses some still make real civet abs as well, i have some from 1992, the same abs that was used in madona's last custom perfume.

    not sure if i would mess around or waste time with castoreum, good russian glands make the best tincture and that i think is good enough, although a few big houses still make castoreum
    absolute. i have about 100ml left of cast. abs from iff and it is real nice, but the tincture if high quality is just as good.

    i won't go into much detail on the ambergris, but yes it can be distilled.
  5. dredmahawkus
    Has anyone tried ASAQ syoufi mabakhar? its a smoked hindi oud. I would really like someones input of it. to me its really odd...its like the smoke note and the hindi note makes kind of a sharp white musk note? its hard to find the hindi note but its there...kinda.
  6. luigi_g
    acer, you mean fresh extracted as in the surgically removed musk grains now?
    if so that is a completed different material, i have quit a bit of that from russia,
    it is very lite in color, small small grains and kinda honey like, sticky, it makes a golden colored
    oil or tincture, not as of a refined musk odor / clasic odor, more animalic but musky.

    and the time is up to you, personally i leave everything sit on the grains forever and just
    decant from the top.

    the heat is also up to you and it is only used to speed things up, years ago the books
    mentioned 'in a room that is like the summer sun'
    so depending on the quality of your grains, i would not use the oil for at least 6 months
    and never remove the grains......

    i suppose if you had a big time crunch, and used 90'f or 100f' temps and on a stirer
    you could get by with 3 months.....but i woudnt do that.
  7. acer3
    "acer, you mean fresh extracted as in the surgically removed musk grains now?"

    Yup! That's the one!
  8. acer3
    So basically, don't use any heat at all? Just place the sandalwood oil over the musk grains and leave them be for 6 months.

    Would sandalwood oil be the best oil to be using here?
  9. acer3
    Luigi, do you know of shrew musk and hyrax and stuff like that?

    Would be really awesome if I had some experience with these kinds of things ...
  10. acer3
    Let us all forgive one another and forget of the occurence ...
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