Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. Manuel
    Dred, I've looked over Zahra's ASAQ list over and over, and The only two candidates seem to be the Thaqeel and Matak.
    Maybe when you placed your last order she was trippin' and sent you the Matak Mubakhar in its place.

    Anyone else on the board wanna jump in on the group purchase for Al Haramain's Dehnal Oudh Maliki Ateeq?
    Acer3 and I are onboard, so there are two spots to fill...
  2. RashidD
    I have some questions:

    1.) Islamically is it taahir to use stuff like civet/ castoreum? Any evidence for it's permissibility?

    2.) How would you go about getting oil from solid or fudge like civet?
  3. abubakr_al-misky
    yeh I have wondered about this as well. It does come from its butt though its not dung. It is a haram animal to eat and all haram animals that we eat their dung is najis but technically it isnt dung. Not sure Rashid. I know there is an absolute of civet.
  4. RashidD
    Thanks Abu Bakr. Do you know exactly where the gland is? Is it the anus, but it is not faeces right?
  5. abubakr_al-misky
    couldnt tell you that one Rashid.
  6. acer3
    lol! what a wierd discussion ...

    Anyways ...

    Dhen Al Oud Maliki Ateeq 100% still has 2 spots available should anyone wish to join in on the purchase.

    By the way, it is 35 years old (aged). Wild harvested, from Assam, India and made from high quality wood.

    This is as much info as I could get from Al'Haramain's sales office ...
  7. acer3
    These companies really need to understand the power of 'T3H INT3RW3B'! It would increase their sales quite considerably ... for some reason, they seem to love their point of sales (when you purchase from the shop) ...
  8. RashidD
    Acer3, nice man 35years... How old is manasek?
  9. acer3
    Dhen Al Oud Manasek 100% - 1 Tola = 1800 Dirhams. (Aged 18 years) Indian Oud, from Assam.
  10. dredmahawkus
    Manuel- I have come to these possibilities.... Well I know she sent me mubakhar . It's the exact same as the mubakhar I have. So either it was the mattak. Or it's something not listed on her site. She dosent list every ASAQ made..... And she re-names some of them. Like there isn't one really called mattak. I thnk there is a none smoked oud inbetween the mattak and thaqeel not listed on her site. I just have to find out what it is! I think I am going to call UAE and try to get someone who speaks English.
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