Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. acer3
    lol good luck with that dred hehehe

    Mattak = also possibly referring to Mu'attaq or Moattaq?
  2. RashidD
    So I just received my dehn al Oudh shuyookhi by Haramain. How much do u guys normally put on of stuff this grade?
  3. dredmahawkus
    acer puts 30 swipes lol I put 1
  4. RashidD
    Ok, i would put maybe 6-8... Every few hours. Just checking, cos i know you guys say just one drop and stuff... So i was wondering whether i'm waaay off or you guys just like it smelling light.
  5. Manuel
    Brother, I think a few drops is a good start. A drop on each wrist, then pat it around on your neck. If you have a beard, a little wipe in the beard is always nice too.
    It may seem light but everyone in your general vicinity is gonna know you have it on. :-D
  6. RashidD
    That's basically what i'd do. Put some on the back of hands, neck, behind ears and a little on the beard.

    Bro manny, can i ask what you do?
  7. Manuel
    Just that. 2-3 drops. The folks here in the States aren't that accustomed to the fragrance of oud so a little really goes a long way here! If I'm going to the masjid I'll go with a full swipe, it's more appreciated amongst the bros.
    On the streets, people kinda look around wondering where the smell is coming from!
  8. abubakr_al-misky
    Please please please try a drop on your color. It will last forever.
  9. dredmahawkus
    I use usually a whole stick.....i start with the drop on the collar....that does last all day.... a little on each forarm....the rest on neck and beard thats left on the stick.

    you really dont realize that even though you are used to the smell...some people dont like it and they all notice!!

    30 time i hit the lottery i will try that.
  10. RashidD
    Abu bakr I can only do that when I wear a dark thobe, which is mainly on occassions
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