Agarwood oil thread.

  1. RashidD
    Dred, at that kinda usage, how long would 3ml normally last you?
  2. acer3
    1 drop a day would probobly last you an entire year?
  3. dredmahawkus
    I am not sure...I have like 30 different...and use them all....but I would say 1 swipe a day would last like 2-3 months....depending how thick it is.
  4. acer3
    Received a sample of Amouage's Tribute and Homage today hehehe Both are absolutely amazing! The only down side, I got them on paper strips but nonetheless I still got a good idea of what I am to expect

    Hmmm ... which to choose though ... decisions decisions ...
  5. acer3
    Man I can't get enough of these Montales lol! They are fantastic!
  6. collin
    wich are your montale favorites?
  7. collin
    an interesting reading about oud oil:
  8. RashidD
    Guys, i am selling off part of my Taaif Rose oil. I'm asking $120 for 3ml or best reasonable offer. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  9. RashidD
    The above is with shipping cost included.
  10. RashidD
    Hey guys some more items for sale.

    1.) Dehn al Oud Shuyookhi - Haramain company
    2.) Oud Qadeem Aslee Cambodi
    3.) Shamaamatul Amber
    4.) Taaif rose

    Let me know by PM if anyone's interested and we can discuss prices, payment, shipping etc.
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