Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. MrP
    I get a kind of oud "after image" that may be what you refer to. Usually when transitioning from indoors to outdoors, but not weeks after applying it or anything. So, I smell an oud indoors intensely for a long time, become anosmic to it practically - I am surrounded by it - then I walk outside and the clean fresh air, in its ABSENCE of that oud smell, creates a sensation of that very oud in an intense way. Again, like a visual afterimage.

    I also find the aromas of some oils act almost like complimentary colors and intensify the scent of certain ouds. There have been times I have applied some rose, and suddenly an oud I applied earlier in the day just sings out in response to the wash of rose aroma.

    I wish I had the phantom oud smell, though. Now THAT would stretch my oud budget considerably. I would be picky though - no phantom Ham Firl $25 Assam, please. Just phantom UNS Borneo select. )
  2. MrP
    "Lots of herbs, vetiver, patchouli...... TOBACCO. Yep."

    Taha - something I struggle with due to my limited oud experience: how does one know when smelling such notes that they are from the oud itself, and not from added oils or attempts to stretch oud? I sniff one of my Meraukes, and I am not sure if it is natural, or if that slight patchouli note is ACTUALLY a little patchouli. Honestly, I have the same doubt about those ouds that have such a strong tobacco note. I wish I could tell the real oil from that which has been adjusted. I am going to guess that part of your answer will be about relationships with producers and trust...
  3. peppermua
    Well I have dug into my little collection of samples and have applied two indian ouds:

    1) Oudhasi's Assam 15 year old
    2) (I *think* its Taha's) Hindi but I don't know which one.

    I've had these two oils applied for a couple hours I guess. At first they both come off very "fecal/barnyardy" but the assault on my nose has gradually subsided. They smell smokey and salty, but the Hindi much more so. And something else I can't quite put my finger on. Barbeque-y. The oudhasi is a bit more mellow. I only applied a tiny amount. At first they smelled pretty much the same but over time the oudhasi has moved a little bit more towards "unisex" while the Hindi (i wish i knew which one) remains in its original state so to speak with the dairy farm smell having nearly burned off. I say "dairy farm" just to not be too repetitive but I mean "f/b"...
  4. peppermua
    I'll be honest, hindi is still not my bag. But I've noticed that these have evolved over past few weeks as the first time I applied them I wondered why would anyone pay to smell like this? Definitely an indoor oil in my case. I wonder if these ouds might actually have an affect on ones appetite (as I've heard some essential oils can)...wouldn't be surprised to hear that indian ouds are either appetite supressig or stimulating.

    By the way, its nice to see that the compartementalizing of the threads has brought some of the old regulars back Wog and bluemoon. I don't have much to contribute here in terms of the greater oud education and so I'm a bit of a fish out of water. These and an Oriscents Malay Royale sample are the extent of my pure oud collection though I hope it might grow soon. I also have Sharif's Prince Bandahar (or Bandhar?), KF and PD which I already mentioned and some others that would better be discussed on the other thread(s).
  5. MrP
    "And, I can smell the same oil a week apart and I pick up notes I didn't before, or can't smell something I was sure was obvious the last time [snip] I really wonder if I'd smell the same notes today. Maybe the oil has developed, maybe the oils I've smelled in the intervening months have affected my perceptions, perhaps my body chemistry is altered etc."

    These are really, really important points to keep in mind when discussing ouds or evaluating them. I have found my reaction to change DRASTICALLY over time. All of these are very real in oud perception. If I had to pick I would say the biggest switcheroos in my impressions of oils has been due to the experience of additional oils over time. My reaction to what I had dismissed as cheap Indonesian oud from Magnifincense, for example, has completely changed since purchasing a few Malinau oils. Some of those oils were FANTASTIC, but I could not appreciate them at the time.
  6. wog
    In the same vein I have gone back to an oil months later and have been amazed how bad it smells. The agarscents assam #3 is one example.
  7. abubakr_al-misky
    Yeh my agarscents Combodi Classic aged for the worse
  8. bluemoon
    The Oud that I've had the least consistent reaction to is AO's Shuyoukh (Cambodian/Malyasian blend). One day it seems to incorporate the best of both its parents, and the next I smell nothing but decomposed rot. I wonder if it's because on some days notes that compliment each other stand out, and on others an unfortunate combination of notes emerges.
  9. MrP
    I think I mentioned before that Shoyoukh is a lot like a "Malaysian Dark" sold by Magnifincencense (but the AO seems more refined). I know EXACTLY what you mean about the jeckle-and-hyde that type of oil presents. My version (Magnifincense) has a wonderful oudy dry down IF I can stomach the first hour of its development. Some days its first hours are revolting; on others it... well it doesn't delight, but it isn't disgusting either.

    By the way: I am REALLY missing Magnifincense. Their stuff was a gamble, but well worth it. Their $40 - $60 1/4 tolas were at times some beauties I have realized. I know we all like the top-shelf, high priced, exclusive vetted ouds, but I miss the lottery of those cheap ouds.
  10. MrP
    Here's the rub: So I revisit an oil after a year off. It smells worse, or better. How do I know if the oil has changed, or if I have changed, or both? Experience I guess, but still... there's some kind of philosophical paradox here that someone with a better tuned mind than mine can perhaps elucidate. I am certain that a huge part of scent perception is cognitive, not sensory, and so I know that changes in perception are as likely to be due to changes in my nervous system as they are to changes external to myself... can this be sorted out? Does it matter, as long as I am having fun?
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