Agarwood oil thread.

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    Hello Manuel,
    Finally you try Merauke from Souqalbadu ?
    Impatient to know about this Indonesian ... !?
  2. 1234567890
    Today I see Avatar , Pandora scenerys and landscape of Jungles remember me
    Sheikhs Borneo !! but the name Blue Brunei is moore adecuatted ...
  3. acer3
    Ahh yes Blue Brunei and Avatar would sort of gel with each other hehehe
  4. acer3
    Anyone seen the Oriscent box yet lol?
  5. RashidD
  6. firdaous

    need some suggestions regarding Ajmal AAA musk ghazelle;i bought 3ml from Abu bakr but it's really really too potent and need to mix it with something else to obtain a good mixture...
    What oil should i use ???
    Waiting your comments
  7. Manuel
    For starters: Try 1 drop to 1ml of sandalwood. Then add rose oil drop by drop until you get a desired mix.
  8. Al-Khidr
    Manuel's idea is a good one. Also I've used it, just a drop or so, to add depth and richness to cheaper mukhallats. It really can make a cheap, "thin" blend smell quite full and opulent.
  9. dredmahawkus
    I tried mixing it the other day but I did way way too much rose oil! I also used a little cambodi mubakhar. Once the rose finally burnt off it smelled really good!

    I agree that AA musk ghazelle is knock you over strong! When I put that on with nothing else my dog won't leave me alone!
  10. divinemama
    Rose can easily overpower a blend. Start slow.
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