Agarwood oil thread.

  1. Oudramatic
    I've heard of a gooey substance that sticks to the bottom of the distillation unit which is later heated up to a point along with undistilled wood chips that enables both to be fused producing a type of bakhoor common in the market. Not sure if that's agarwood sci-fi.
  2. agarwoodindonesia
    CO 2 Extraction cannot be consider as essential oil rather called as "Extrait" or "Extract" because due the high pressure not only the essential oil that comes out but other stuff as well such as wax, resin, life support nutrient that is why some of these product are a lot thicker than conventional distillation. The process itself cannot be called as distillation it is extraction. Same misconception on Flower Extract like what so called as "Rose Oil" rose oil is not essential oil by correct definition it rather an absolute of rose. In rose oil production it use solvent extraction to get the extract called as "concrete" or in liquid form "Extrait" or in another word extract and then by vacuum distillation the extract then changed into absolute to get rid of the waxy material also the solvent out of the concrete or extract finally it called as rose absolute. A good absolute must not having any waxy stuff inside it to test this put the absolute inside the freezer for 24 hours, if the absolute freeze it signs that the final vacuum distillation is not good and or there is adulterant inside the absolute. As for using solvent extraction using benzene, hexane, the result is not good, due we need to re distill that to get rid of the solvent. And the smell will be not agreeable. The best way to get the oil is distillation not extraction.
  3. Oudramatic
    Agree agarwood...Distilled agarwood atleast smells more appealing than it's CO2 counterpart. As for rose I think a good quality absolute due to it's likeness to real roses can trump a distilled one. Some people don't appreciate the pungent distilled rose notes.
  4. Oudramatic
    Thanks for the description on Sumatran wood Taha. It's definitely not as common as others.
  5. Fungusamongus
    I wonder if the co2 stuff reflects bad wood or a bad method? If the wood being used is low quality, from trees harvested too early and cultivated carelessly? I have only ever seen one supplier of co2 oil in the US and even they say it is not good quality on their web site.

    I wonder what kind of yield and aroma you'd get from really nice chips? I was thinking the better yield (since you get resins and waxes, etc.) might make this a more practical way to capture the scent of good wood. But I don't know if anyone is experimenting with this or not... Maybe there is no incentive since good wood sells so easily and there is already whole market and infrastructure for production of distilled materials.

    Can anyone here relate experiences with a variety of CO2 extractions, and how they compare to one another? Are there any supplies of such products on a small scale?
    ive thought of a butane extraction at home with a few simple materials. you need high quality butane from a smoke shop not the stuff from the local walmart, and a honey oil extraction kit off ebay.

    please have an open mind as you search the topic as the idea is borrowed from medical marijuana. heres the basic idea: if someone got a glass tube and put a filter on one end and filled it with oud shavings. then hold the tube filter side down over a glass pan while forcing 1 or more bottles of butane though the material from the top. the butane would pick up the oil and run to the drip pan. after resting the butane boils off and leaves pure oil(in thoery).

    there are plenty of video tutorials made by teenagers out there showing off thier skills and they smoke the stuff so id hope it would be ok to use on skin but, dont hold me too it. i believe this would be the cheapest way to distill oud oil and could be done on a small scale(under 1 oz of chips).

    i have a good imagination and have thought of using my glass distliling kit i bought from skymall(to make my own absinthe, before it was popular) to get some oil but im just not brave enough yet. i have no problems using the equipment, just the chips to sacrifice.
  7. agarwoodindonesia
    GLTASN that goes same principal with CO extraction just using butane as the gas carrier, And the pressure will not be enough to pull out the oil, due agarwood fiber are very tough unlike marijuana leaf even tougher it easy to get chipped but actually it's like several piece of rope that bond together, In history in old rubber plantation here ( Indonesia ) the agarwood bark usually being tear and make as rope and basket as a canister to bring the rubber out of the plantation due that special fiber property of agarwood.
  8. luigi_g
    gltasn, the problem with using butane would be you would only pull out the natural essential oils...
    since butane is non polar none of the resin constituents would be extracted....
    all of the organic solvents, hexane, pet. ether etc... are non polar, so the extract is just the essential oils...
    the extract material is a semi viscous oil, very light in color, very pale yellow...
    and the odor profile of that type of extract is a very dry woody note....
  9. Fungusamongus
    I wonder if there exist CO2 oils from woods from different locales. I was looking at some online resellers and all seem to have stuff from Assam plantations - makes me think it is all the same material or from one producer. Has anyone seen extracts from Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.. or is it all just Assam plantation stuff? Or is this just not something anyone knows anything about?
  10. sultanpasha
    Bought 3ml Ajmal Musk Gazelle grade AA limited edition as advertised on ebay by paradiseperfumesandgem, i really like it but am confused as to whether its the same one being discussed last couple of years.
    There is defininite lack of the overwhelming barnyard albiet very strong silage and longetivity. Starts of with a sweetish medicinal note almost liquorish. Smells like a very well refined black musk but different. The only barnyard tone i felt is that of slight stale urine undertone in the begining that lasts for an hour or two.....nose has gone numb...need coffee beans! Looks very dark reddish brown liquid with moderate viscousity.
    Am so bloody confused and am not sure if this is the one everyone has been raving on about the last couple of years..... I know curiosity killed the cat but in my case my wallet!....... I so want to try the now legendary stinky 'Ajmal musk gazelle grade AA' and experience it for myself.
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