Agarwood oil thread.

  1. dredmahawkus
    Anyone have a problem wasting a ton of oud oil in the winter? man! I am going through a TON of oud!!! I think I have gone through 2 tolas since like november!!! Its winter in Boston. and I have this shelf by my windows I keep all my oils....and they get really thick! well I kinda forget sometimes take the stick out of the bottle and when I put a drop on its like 1/8 of a quter tola bottle! its so much and such a waste when I forget! I think I have to find a warmer place for them! well at least its opposite in summer!
  2. abubakr_al-misky
    dred i still have my 2 oriscent samplers that I must have baught a year ago. I only use a very small amount at a time.

    I just tried Tahas new Borneo Oud oil and I will say here on record that I think that it is a classic in the makeing. Totally top notch. It is almost a mix between Oriscents Blue Brunie and Malay Royal in scent. If anyone likes Borneo oils then I would advise to jump on it. It is very complex and smooth. I would say my favorite borneo I have tried so far.
  3. acer3
    Taha would you care to fill us in hehehe
  4. abubakr_al-misky
    oh yeh I just recieved some samples of. One was AL Haramain's Dehn al Oud Seufi which I appreciate because it smells real but I feel it is unexciting in all. Smells like a Cambodi/Hindi mix and does not do much on the skin. I also tried ASAQ's Cambodi Mattak and I was more pleased with that one. It's the common fruity Cambodi but much more animalic in scent. Zahra's has it for $299 a tola and I think thats a fair price for it. By no means is it the best Cambodi I have tried but I liked it alot better then the Al Haramain Seufi. I also tired a cambodi last night that I think wold definatly be a rival for Thakeel.
  5. RashidD
    How much was the rival to thaqeel?
  6. dredmahawkus
    was the rival to thaqeel an ASAQ cambodi? cuz I have a ASAQ cambodi that smells very very similar.....but still they both have that classic cambodi smell.
    I am wearing thaqeel on one arm and my other ASAQ thick cambodi on the other arm....and they smell so alike you really have to sniff and sniff and sniff to find the slight the only realy HUGE difference is thickness. (obviously!) the other cambodi is the thickest oud I own. you put on a drop and it takes an hour or 2 to finally fill the area of the skin and dry. now the thaqeel you look theres nothing on the stick! there might be a slight swipe it on your skin and in a couple hours melts and actually puts more oil on your skin then the whole drop of the other thick cambodi. ....
  7. dredmahawkus
    the smell is so similar its pretty great! but the thaqeel is slightly smoother. the thing about the thaqeel is you need so little! if you put the smallest drop on it takes like 5 hours to finally melt and dry. I think thats why its so much...besides it being incredibly just get so much oud for your money all compacted into that little tola! 1/4 tola of thaqeel could literally last you years! if you find a way to put on a pindrop and let it do its magic on your skin.

    my friend is coming home from Jorden today!!!! I cant wait to see him tomorrow!!! when he went to the ASAQ store and I talked to the store guy he told me the next best cambodi oud to thaqeel is one that was around $850 american per tola. he said it smelled just like it. now theres a few more plain cambodis not listed on zahras and that are not mubakhar (smoked) my friend supposenly bought me the next 2 down from the $850 one. they were both around $400 per tola. I cant wait to see what I have!!!
  8. dredmahawkus
    I ordered the $299 one from zahra and recieved mubakhar. it wasnt the classic cambodi smell that all the houses i am getting more that is supposed to be the regular cambodi from her any day now too. I wonder if its going to be the same as the tolas I am getting from my friend. all I know is I am about to have ALOT of ASAQ oud!

    In my opinion ASAQ is by far the best cambodi of the big houses. like abubakr said haramain and ajmal all smell blended and wahtever other chemicals they add! I have an ajmal matheel I can literally smell cambodi and hindi notes in it! haramain to me smells the most synthetic. even their expensive ones.
  9. dredmahawkus
    AO has an ok classic cambodi mattak smell..but the ASAQ to me just smells like better quality. after smelling thaqeel and one of their other thick cambodis...just totally sold me! and for once I smelled the best one last!

    abubakr-I have a sample of Tahas really is good! on cloth it smells amazing! the creamy stage is great! I just wish Borneos didnt smell so bad on my skin! I dont know why they do cuz I love them on my shirt

    WOW sorry for the book I wrote!!! guess no one has written anything in so long I was holding in a weeks worth!
  10. tahasyed
    The Borneo and Cambodian are different oils...
    I can't say anything about'em here though.
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