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  1. bluemoon
    Thanks for your commiseration, Igor01. The Oriscent bottle is the vase shape. My apologies for the large size of the photo.

    "Afta" by Goof Off and "Capture Spot Remover" by Milliken did a good job of removing the stains from my wool carpet. I'm not endorsing these products- just relaying my personal experience.
  2. agarwoodindonesia
    I've been there Bluemoon and the answer is no you cant it's painful but the answer is no you can't , I had put my good oil inside that fancy bottle and somehow I screw the cork to strong and the thin vial breaks...very messy. Anyway I got 1 tola left from several tolas of perfumer grade for basenote perfume, very useful for making mukhallat because the price is cheap and it is not burnt, only simple woody and menthol no sweet 2 dimensional smell, it will not over power other things you put into it rather it will become steady foundation for the other scent. I made a simple mukhallat I named " Nippon no Washi " The Japanese paper from this oil , because it smell like my old japanese dept library when I am still in uni.
  3. sjh
    Blue moon,
    Heat the bottle to bring down the viscosity of the oil. More oil will be able to flow out.
  4. bluemoon
    Sorry to hear about your loss, agarwood indonesia. I can understand how you must have felt when the vial broke.

    sjh- great idea! Thank you
    that sucks hearing about someone losing precious oud. ive been decanting mine with mini pipettes into amber dram bottles. i save the pipette in a 2x3" bag for transfering oil from dram storage bottle to a glass vial(for carry and use)at a later date. one could also split the pipette with a razor to get every last drop on the skin. this keeps me from contamintaing my main supply if i get a hair,dead skin,other oils, on my swiper. i went to take a pic but camera needs recharging. i also use, poster stick up putty, to secure my bottles when decanting so they dont tip over. ive been adding 10 drops of carrier oil(shake every day for 2 weeks to mix) to each container when done and got them all stashed for the apocolypse,lol. i bought a test tube rack on ebay for 6.00 that ive got all my dram bottles of oud and tinctures.
  6. sultanpasha
    Hey Bluemoon really sorry hear that has happened to you. I had that happen to me twice and can understand your frustration. Every drop is so precious....... As Gltsn mentioned i would use a minni pipette and leave the broken bottle upright so rest of the oil gathers. Once gather i would use the pipette very gently to suck up the oil, as most oil are quite thick and viscous and last thing you want are drops stuck in the pipette reserviour. Another safer option to get to the tiny drops left over is to use a capillary tube and let capillary action suck up rest of the little drops and then gently blow in to the tiny tube to get the contents out. Good thing is you can get the tiniest drops out with this and save them away in another bottle. Great place to buy capillary tubes is ebay or if you wish can send you one or two.
  7. bluemoon
    Glatson: I'd like to avoid using pipettes as they retain quite a bit of oil and cutting them open is kind of tricky, but I'm glad it works for you.

    sultanpasha: Twice? Ooooooo I'm doubly sorry
    I don't understand how sucking up the oil gently in a pipette minimizes the drops stuck in the reservoir. Can you explain? I don't have any science background and maybe I'm doing something incorrectly.
    Is there a particular size capillary tube you recommend? I like the idea of glass but perhaps another material is safer and/or less adhesive? Does the oil stay in the tube until it's blown out? That's what it seems like from the wiki article I read! Sorry for so many questions- I've never used a capillary tube so it sounds like magic (and fun to try) :-) If you'd kindly recommend a size I'll purchase some from ebay, but thank you very much for your kind offer
  8. russian adam
    russian adam
    thats very bad experience, i also feel very sorry to hear that happened. just few weeks ago i transferred most of my oils in to plain bottles, the reason was that it gets very sticky and some oils ( specially mid. grade, black colour hindis ) makes the metal part of the bottles rusty green and then it smells nasty /
    i feel really bad about that because i love crystal bottles and i love to apply oil by glass applicator/ i think i need to order some custom bottles from china / crystal ones made of glass only - no metal/ plastic
  9. sultanpasha
    Hey bluemoon dont worry happy to answer all your questions.
    (1) if you suck it up gently less likely to form bubbles in the viscous oil which can pop and leave a mess behind in the pipette reserviour. However if that happens no problem, just slice the plastic pipette open and get the rogue droplets out using the capillary tube.
    (2) get a capillary tube with an outside diameter less than 2mm.......the tubes used for measuring melting points should suffice. Basicly thinner the tube better the capillary action but dont go too thin.
    (3) plastic capi tube is a better option as can be very thin and has nonstick properties but can be pricey.
    (4) generally the oil will be stuck in the tube unless you blow in it. Dont expect the tube to fill up with the oil.....due to the specific gravity and viscosity of the oil i would say less than half of the tube will fill up using capillary action alone. You may have to repeat couple of times but hey atleast you get to save all the precious drops without mixing it with alcohol or some other oil thus making the oudh inferior.
  10. kyarazen
    bluemoon -> sorry to hear about your mishap! i hope the oil wasnt too pricey and not too much was wasted..

    i would suggest transfer of viscous liquids using an eppendorf (can be any other brand but i use eppendorf myself), 5ml pipette, or possibly the 1ml pipette a few times. do it slowly :P and in one sitting you can possibly transfer about 90% of all the oil in a bottle, with 10% left in the original bottle and in the pipette tip. no worries! just eject the tip, leave the tip to stand vertically in the original bottle for 15-20minutes and by gravity it would flow down to the bottom end of the tip or at the bottom of the original bottle, and you can repeat the transfer process till satisfied..

    the advantage of using a 1ml pipette is that there are teflon tips available <-- something like that but i dont like the 0.8mm orifice size, perhaps you can use a sharp blade to cut the tip a little so you can have a hole at the tip of about 2-3mm for efficient pipetting. the hole on the tip and the material of the tip determines the ease of transfer

    and whatever that is left in the original bottle if there is still like a few percent, leave it there and possibly use it! if you can find a narrow stiff teflon strip, that can function as a "scraper" like how one would use a pastry scraper.. fish out the remaining oil and apply it! :P

    so do it in 3 phases
    phase 1 -> by pipetting transfer as much as you can by using the least number of pipetting steps, i.e. 3ml = 3 times of 1ml or 1 time using a 5ml pipette, once this step is done, bulk of your oil is safely in a new container
    phase 2 -> letting the bottle and the pipette tip stand for 15-20 minutes for the oil to collect at the bottom of the bottle, and bottom of tip, becareful when you re-plug the pipette tip, because the drop at the end will fall out due to air pressure, transfer as much as you can of the remnants by pipetting, repeat if necessary to let the tip and bottle stand.
    phase 3 -> use a teflon scraper or similar... maybe a cell scraper of you want to try ( i can send u some) :P to see how much oil left you can fish out for use.. no point transferring those left as its going to stick everywhere.. :P
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