Agarwood oil thread.

  1. abdulhakim
    mica plates that you use are the same as for microwave?
  2. bluemoon

    Here's a link to ready made mica plates:
  3. masstika
    I have been studiously but not very successfully practicing making a Kodo cup in the shape of a mound without putting out the charcoal. It is not easy at all One of the hardest parts is making the hole without having it collapse. As far as making patterns and making it look nice that is probably months away if not years BTW, Bmoon, a while back you told me you've tried unsuccessfully to get rid of the smell of the ashes by putting them in the oven. I tried that my self and it worked wonderfully. I laid them on aluminum foil in a preheated oven (450F) for just over one (1) hr. The smell was gone. much more difficult is the iron cup. I keep washing it but the smell persist. Anyone have ideas how to get rid iron cups of the scent smells from prolonged use? also quick question, is the ash sold by Baieido bleached to get it to be this bright white color?
    Bluemoon, thanks for sharing that wonderful thorough response from the vendor. If only others were so forth coming. BTW, do you know who set up the standard the gentleman is referring to? and is that a an international standard?
  4. masstika
    Sorry, duplicate post.
  5. bluemoon
    masstika- Thanks for the ash-cleaning instructions. I had followed the instructions on the Incense warehouse site which recommended 350 degrees for 12 minutes. I will try it at the higher temperature for a longer time.

    My bags of Baiedo's unused ash are a darker and a more creamy color than Shoyeido's unused ash.

    Have you tried heating your iron burner in the oven? Is it possible the heating would take away the scent because at a high enough temperature, it would burn off old resin? All of the kodo cups I’ve seen have been glazed ceramic. I wonder if that’s because the odor doesn’t stick to them or because it’s easy to remove it by washing from the glazed surface. When I burn agarwood in a brass covered burner the scent lingers in the cover. I love to remove the cover and smell the inside of it where the resin has collected. Someday I will get another one for sandalwood.

    I don’t know who set the standard for Mysore but there’s an article about it that you can purchase if you’re interested
    I haven’t purchased it or I’d send it to you.

    This abstract says the international standard is 90%:

    This abstract says that none of the oils tested met the 90% international standard:
    The majority of trade oils, reportedly from S. album, contained approximately 50-70% santalols (Z-alpha and Z-beta). Thus, the internationally recognised specification (90% santalols) for S. album requires re-evaluation by more efficient analysis methods”

    I don't know if the information sent by Summit was in error or if the standard has been revised since these other articles were written.
  6. bluemoon
    masstika- just found out there's an organization called the "International Standards Organization".
    "Popular name for International Organization For Standardization (IOS), a voluntary, non-treaty federation of standards setting bodies of some 130 countries. Founded in 1946-47 in Geneva as a UN agency, it promotes development of standardization and related activities to facilitate international trade in goods and services, and cooperation on economic, intellectual, scientific, and technological aspects
    They published an article in 2002 called Oil of Sandalwood.
    masstika, you might try adding more ash to your cup to make it easier. i use elec but it seems like the high ridge on your cup would restrict your motions needed to sculpt the mound. again im elec so im not sure if it would be too much under the coal, just an idea.
  8. kyarazen
    masstika -> nice iron cup! antique?
  9. Orgoglio italianO
    Orgoglio italianO
    Anyone try AgarAuras Hindi Qademe -&- Royal Assam

    which out of the two do you prefer?
  10. masstika
    Thank you Edwardt about the link to the study couple of pages back and Thank you Kyaraze. I only wish it was antique. No I got it from
    regarding my question as to why the Agarawood shaving is left to dry before pre-soaking, I received the following answer from Ensar of Ensar Oud " Because they need to be ground to super fine dust before they are soaked and distilled, and anything wet does not lend itself to easy grinding".
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