Agarwood oil thread.

  1. Kynam
    Try reading the commentary on each item for sale , it's obvious it's very bias
  2. Kynam
    Readers here , just be alert
  3. sultanpasha
    Kynam honestly mate on what basis and proof do you make such accusations? Have you atleast sampled the oudhs from the site, before you made such comments? I've and so has Oudhramatic and we liked the oudhs enough to comment on Basenotes. I know I've not been on Basenotes long enough, but I'm most certain Oudhramatic has and is a veteran reviewer and am pretty sure like myself does not appreciate being labelled biased.
    Now I would advice you firstly to apologise and secondly to ask Adam the site owner nicely and may be God willing he will provide you with some samples and than you can place your opinions here.Seriously people need to get their heads out of their 'where the Sun don't shine', get their act together and be sincere!
  4. lpp
    From my contact with him, he's a straight-up guy.
  5. bluemoon
    Kynam- Of course people have favorite sellers and it's natural that if a person enjoys someone's products they will try to promote them, not only because they want the person to succeed but also because they want to share their enjoyment with fellow enthusiasts.

    I think the quality of an oud reflects the attributes of raw materials and the skill of the distiller. It's up to every reader to decide whether the person writing the review is a good judge of quality. There's also the matter of taste. During the time I've participated on the forum I've figured out whose taste closely corresponds with my own. I give more weight to those poster's comments than to others.

    It is up to each reviewer to try to be as unbiased as possible and for each reader to evaluate reviews as carefully as they would evaluate a pricey oil. No reviews are a substitute for sampling.

    Perhaps before accusations are made it is important to consider that unbridled enthusiasm really may be an expression of sincere appreciation, and that negativity can also be based on an honest appraisal rather than a desire to discredit. We can question a seller's judgment who chooses to sell "fake agarwood" but applaud his honesty for labeling it as such.
  6. lpp
    @bluemoon - thank you for spreading some reason as usual!
    & totally agree - one soon learns who likes similar.
  7. bluemoon
    YW, Ipp.
    Personally I prefer to stay away from words like "honesty". We can say that, based on our experience, someone has charged what we consider to be a fair price and we can say that a particular seller appears to answer our questions directly and fully. I feel more comfortable speaking about my experiences than talking about someone's character.
  8. lpp
    O.K., fair enough!
  9. Sparky
    @Kynam - I too have found the Feeloud site and owner to be genuine. He is making an attempt to provide information as well as product. to my understanding, he has some fake agarwood (described as such), and it is available very cheaply so that people can check it out. I think this is a fair approach - there is no deception that I can see. He is selling a range of products that are on the market already and attempting to provide an accurate description of them (warts and all) - great idea!

    I have also sampled some oils and blends and they are quite nice. I will post my impressions on them soon

    I also echo the previous comments that maybe you should ask nicely and he may send you some samples too
  10. sultanpasha
    Apologies ladies and gents for the rant and rave before......I believe one should compliment or complain where they are due.
    Oudramatic I believe if you liked Manuka than you may love the royal Assam. I'm not that experienced with oudhs as some may know especially Hindi and I'm still training my nose. At first I really hated Hindi stuff but I tell you its groin on me fast :-P
    When I tried the samples I kept with me a bottle of Ajmal's Dhen al oudh Shams oil (yuck and phew !)as a reference to compare to and you can see the difference in a good quality custom distilled Hindi oudh so much more.....but I'm still very naive. However royal Assam again like Manuka was also tenacious but even more smooth and friendly and still very complex. To my untrained nose It didn't contain that much barnyard but it was warm and ethereal sweet wet hay that changes eventually to honeyed sweet wood with various other pleasant notes in the background which were hard for me to describe......perhaps fruits?
    .Anyway due to to my limited budget I ended up buying the sweet brown suede which I looooooooove. Its just perfect for me for now and those that around me if you know what I mean :-P It was so pleasant for those around me I was told I smelt quite alluring. It just had this subtle sweet leathery vanilla that was just musky and hard to describe yummy and seems to last a long time. I believe this one Is a Sumbawan
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