Agarwood oil thread.

  1. Musdev
    I'll probably get the Dhen Al Oud Cambodi Matak (aged) &
    Mubakhar (smoked) 1/4 3ml bottle from ASAQ insha Allah, if zahras sells them in that size
  2. acer3
    Welcome to the forums Musdev
  3. acer3
    How awrsome is this Thaqeel? Hahaha it smells soooooooooooooo nice I just like wanna eat it!

    Overdosed on Thaqeel today! BEST CAMBODIAN OUD I HAVE EVER TRIED!
  4. acer3
    I wonder what Ensar would say when he tries Thaqeel.
  5. hawk
    since Thaqeel is being modified what should we get that's close to it? Oudimentary KSSS? or any suggestions?
  6. acer3
    Being modified are the key words here Hawk. So buy up while you still can.

    I purchased mine from Taha.

    You could also possibly travel to either the Emirates or Saudi or watever and check some stores that have remaining previous bottles ...
  7. AZsmells
    Borneo Kinam is on "sale" for today only at Oriscent for $470. What are people's thoughts on this? I've read the old threads but does anyone have any new insight? How does it compare with Sheikh's Borneo, Borneo 3000, Boneoo Jewel, and other Borneos?

    Also can everyone please stop bragging about Thaqeel! I would love to have some. Now I'm afraid of getting the new modified Thaqeel. It is insanely expensive. What is the best place that I could buy 1/4 Tola of Thaqeel where I know I'm getting the real old stuff and how much would it cost?
  8. dredmahawkus
    The only garuntee now would be to go to an ASAQ store and smell. I wouldn't trust buying it from anyone now!
  9. bluemoon
    I have a source for the old Thaqeel. I should be receiving prices on Thaqeel and other ASAQ oils today. Anyone who is interested can PM me and when I get the information I will pass it on. I am positive it is the old Thaqeel, but I can't guarantee that the guy is going to email me his prices, though I expect that he will- he's been 100% reliable in the past.
    Not having seen the prices yet I don't know how they will compare with Zahras.
  10. Igor01
    Adeel, Borneo Kinam is very different from both Sheikh's and 3000, it doesn't have that pronounced "wet wood" note that both of these share, but instead has a combination of woody sweetness a-la Blue Brunei with a sharpish kinam-ey note. I personally prefer Borneo Kinam to any other Borneo oud, including Sheikh's, 3000, 4000 and Borneo Jewel. It's just more fun and the kinam adds a whole new dimension to this oil, it works really great in hot weather, the scent just blooms. I am a sucker for "wide range" ouds, i.e. those that have not only depth and complexity but also prominent top notes to balance and elevate the deep woodiness. Having said that, I know that some who have used BK for a while have grown cold to it later because of the intense kinam note, but I was lucky to keep my affection for it
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