Agarwood oil thread.

  1. Igor01
    Acer, Ensar tried Taqeel or sniffed it, actually, and if he was impressed he didn't show it. He just commented on how "quiet" it was and that it must be produced from cultivated trees.
  2. Igor01
    Sorry, double post.
  3. bluemoon
    Azsmells: Borneo Kinam is a very bright, buoyant oil. It has a lot of "light" and "energy" so I'd call it an uplifting and happy oil. It starts out with a sweet, high ethereal note, midnotes of warm cinnamon spices with a fleeting sprinkle of white pepper, and a bottom note of sweet, smooth woods. Sheik's Borneo is also sweet and spicy, but, as Igor said, it has a damp undertone which gives it a more muted and somber character. Borneo Kinam is "sunnier" than 3000, which has changed a lot since I purchased it. It has lost a lot of that airy topnote, which I used to find somewhat grating, and now smells mainly of deep, sweet and subdued spicy warm woods.
  4. Man_from_Shalimar
  5. hawk
    @Man_from_Shalimar ... looking at your posts here one can notice that you're on the defensive as if someone is attacking your beloved India or as if someone said something about indians not knowing much about oud, which is NOT the case! just chill dude!
  6. abubakr_al-misky
    Mr Man, actually probably half of us here are Muslims and the greatings go to those of us who are Muslims, if read you will see greatings is also sent to those who are not Muslims. Umm yeh Indian does not own Agarwood since it can be found in many places other then India, also I dont even think there 2 arabs here on this thread. most of us are non Arab. And actually Arabs do have alot to do with Agarwood because it is mentioned in the Islamic text and they are also the largest consumers and every single buisness in india that deals in Agarwood relies almost entirely on the Arabs for their buisness plus I have been told the Agarwood is not something commonly used by non Muslim Indians.
  7. abubakr_al-misky
    On top of all this, this thread is made in Briton not India so then maybe that means since you dont own it you shouldnt use it. Yes obviosly this sounds rediculas but please dont come on this friendly thread abd get all bossy with everyone as many of us have been here and contributed here far longer then you have.
  8. Manuel
    Abubakr, did you mention recently that you had purchased ASAQ Blue Amber through Zahra? Have you been able to try it yet?
  9. tahasyed
    I think the most outstanding *OUD* character is found in the drydown of Burmese oud and certain Papua/Irian ouds.
    I have to agree with Ibrahim (of UNS) wholeheartedly when he described Burmese oud as "Often Farmy and bovine, unless of higher grades, but with pleasing and abiding /oud character that comes through after time."

    Does anyone remember which Irian/Papua oud it was that UNS used to carry that had a very OUDY smell? A resinous woody, woody, woody smell. A punch of patchouli, and a pinch of spice. I can't for the life of me recall.

    By 'oud character', I'm referring to that common denominator that's found in all oud oils. I find it the most standing-out in Burmese and Irians.
  10. tahasyed
    Come to think of it... I'm actually quite curious what you all think of Irian Jaya ouds. Non-Merauke (i.e. unlike Purple Papua), and non-Gyrinops (i.e. like Green Papua).
    The type I'm referring to is, as Ibrahim put it, "Bold and robust, deep oud character, base note" - if that helps in ringing any bells.
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