Agarwood oil thread.

  1. stuigi
    The flamer will be dealt with accordingly.
  2. bluemoon
    I've only tried the Irian Jaya that Uns most recently had for sale. I don't remember if I already posted this here. If so, please forgive me for being repetitive:
    Starts out with a clear vaporous note mixed with sweet spices, a strong white pepper note, and a warm spicy base that blends cloves and nutmeg. There’s a very, very subtle hint of mustiness, and a resinous mossiness that’s somewhere between oakmoss and patchouli. Warm, earthy, solid woody drydown. To me the “Borneo” top note and mossy base compliment each other very nicely. The oil has an energetic lightness at the outset and a firm, “toned” drydown at the finish line.
    I would agree with Ibrahim's description of the basenote.
  3. tahasyed
    Blue, that's got to be the single most absolutest bestest, most comprehensive description of Irian Jaya ouds I've ever seen.
    It seems from your description the new UNS Irian is similar to (or perhaps a re-stock of?) that previous one I was referring to.

    And it's funny you mention it as complementary to the Borneo top note. I've actually been toying with the idea of creating an Irian/Borneo blend for some time. I think it would offer a full-spectrum oud experience.
  4. tahasyed
    By the way, I really trust Ibrahim's sense of smell, when it comes to ouds. Thought I'd share something he sent me a long time ago:

    1) Laos----------- Strong and stiff, contrasted with a bit of sweetness and dry woodyness, higher grades rare today.
    2) Burmese------ Often Farmy and bovine, unless of higher grades, but with pleasing and abiding /oud character that comes through after time.
    3) Cambodian----Also rare, powerful contrast of rugged wood notes and sweeter highlights
    4) Kalimantan----sweet resinous, pleasing to most with little to no harshness
    5) Irian Jaya------Bold and robust, deep oud character, base note

    Maybe it will be helpful to newcomers.
  5. bluemoon
    It's helpful to me :-)

    Laotian ouds- strong stench that reeks,
    Burmese oils- more bovine than meek
    Cambodians- rugged woods, plus sweet
    Kalimantans- sweet resinous; discreet
    Irian jaya- deep, bold and robust-
    I’ll take one of each please,
    and thank you very much ☺

    I like your blend idea, Taha. Please do let us know when your creation is complete!
  6. MrP
    I will echo Taha's sentiment - bluemoon, your descriptions are really vivid and seem to present the impression of the odors really nicely. It amazes me, to be honest.
  7. bluemoon
    Thanks, Taha and Mr. P. If it weren't for YOUR insights (should I say "in-noses") and direction I'd be clueless. I mean that, sincerely.
  8. abubakr_al-misky
    Manuel _ I have not got my shipment yet but it should be here soon though. Yes I have tried the Blue Ambergris before and it is just pure ambergris in scent and is used for mixing or layering. I like it alot by itslef but it is cool to use it for your own layering.
  9. abubakr_al-misky
    oops i was just corrected , it was the white ambergris that I smelled before and not the blue, so we will see what comes of it when it arrives. I am just glad to have some of the Ruh Amber Maliki, it is ssoooo nice.
  10. AZsmells
    Funny story. Last night I put on some Oudhasi Assam Flora before going to bed. My wife leaned over and said "Why do you smell like a horse?!"
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