Agarwood oil thread.

  1. divinemama
  2. tahasyed
    Take it as a compliment. ;-)
  3. tahasyed
    Blue, I'm trying to get some Irian oils from my Indo supplier.
    The thing about Papua island is that there's still more high grade wood there than the rest of Indonesia. It's filaria, not yet fully embraced, and it happens to be cheaper.
    So a Papua oil can be cheaper, but of equally great quality as a much more expensive Borneo, Cambo, Indian etc oils.
  4. divinemama
    Good luck Taha!
  5. divinemama
    I used a smidge of my Borneo Jewel in a blend and it works very well. I can't wait for it to 'cure'. I used sandalwood, haitian vetiver, patchouli, Borneo jewel, citrus (including yuzu), orange blossom, jasmine grand, and tuberose. Really nice. The citrus oils work well with the Borneo Jewel, as do the woods and grasses. One of my few blends that doesn't use any rose oil. I wore some yesterday and it comforted me through a very stressful day.

    Edited as I forgot to add that I also used some Black Kasthuri Musk in this blend.
  6. collin
    how is Shaikh Anas Blend? a strong or light blend?

  7. bluemoon
    Taha- wasn't Royale filaria? If so, I'm sure hoping you succeed!

    mama- Sounds luscious! I hope today, and coming ones, are full of good smells and empty of stress :-)
  8. divinemama
    Thank you, bluemoon. :-)
  9. abubakr_al-misky
    is there any Ouds we know of , of very high quality of Senensis?
  10. acer3
    I gotta admit, both my shipments from Zahra's have been extremely fast! From Bahrain to Australia in like 5-6 business days. That's pretty awesome I reckon. *sigh* I should have purchased Thaqeel from Taha when I had the chance ...

    Definately a legendary Oud ...
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