Agarwood oil thread.

  1. tahasyed
    Yes Blue, Royale was filaria.. however, it was hydro-distilled.
    I am not aware of any other oil right now, from Irian/Papua that's hydro-distilled.

    I have one little bottle of a Filarian Papua oil, which is the closest thing to the Royale, although it is steam distilled.
    In fact, I like it so much, I don't even want to use it.. : /
  2. Delmar
    Perhaps I should be posting this in the "Today I Bought" thread. I got in the the special going for Borneo Kinam last night. It will be fun to compare it with my other Borneos: Borneo Bloom and Borneo Jewel (plus my dwindling sample of Borneo 3000).
    Taha, I hope you succeed in locating some good Papuan / Merauke oils soon!
  3. AZsmells
    Taha what about Oriscents Purple Papua? They claim it is Aquilaria filaria, steam extracted. I have a sample of it and it is different than any other oud I've tried. It smells kind of raw and not a complete oud experience to me but I still like it. It is the cheapest oud Oriscent sells too.
  4. tahasyed
    It's a good Papua oil, but its not representative of 'Papua/Irian' oils, because Merauke oils - Purple Papua being one - have a very unique smell of their own.
    More typical Irian oils are from places like Jayapura, which is the north of Papua island, whereas Merauke is in the south-west edge.

    Most people don't enjoy Merauke oils (like Purple Papua), because they are edgy or 'raw' as you put them.
    I personally love them. : )

    @Demlar: sure hope so!
  5. Oudh Seeker
    Oudh Seeker
    .......( reply deleted)...
  6. divinemama
    I edited my previous post about my blend using Borneo Jewel because I forgot to add that I also used some Black Kasthuri Musk.
  7. dredmahawkus
    DM that blend did sound awesome!

    anyone ever try agarscents bermese? its kinda awesome! I have to get one of these! its sweet yet earthy and slightly barnyardy. I never tried a bermese before and this is quite different. I have to get one of these!
    theres another thing on my list to get! so much oud to get! I think I need to get another job to support this habit! this is worse then crack!
  8. abubakr_al-misky
    I am still waitng for my shipment from zahras. I sent payment like on the 9th and it was sent the 14th and still nothing. they said it will be here soon so I hope it will be here by friday.
  9. AZsmells
    So has anyone tried UNS Maroke and Irian Jaya Select?
  10. bluemoon
    Azsemells: My notes on Uns Irian Jaya Select are a couple of pages back. Uns Maroke:

    I’m glad this oil sheds a lot of its dipstick mustiness very soon after application, although it lingers longer and is more perceptible than in the Irian Jaya. This oil seems like Irian Jaya's older sibling -it is less exuberant, has a heavier step and announces its presence in a lower register.
    The Maroke’s top note, while vaporous, is less volatile, cool, tending towards menthol and less enduring than IJ’s. Citrusy, seedy and smoky notes wave “Hi”, then “Good-bye”, at the opening. Some very slightly metallic and waxy tones appear momentarily shortly after application. The notes that predominate throughout the oil’s development are dry, earthy, patchouli, mushroom-y, and herbal. The comparison, on Uns' site, to Shamama is a very apt.
    I think, because of its cool dryness, this will be a refreshing oil to enjoy in the heat and humidity of summer.
    to be continued
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