Agarwood oil thread.

  1. bluemoon
    Unlike most of the ouds with which I am familiar, Maroke's basenotes are more herbal/mossy/cool than woody.
    It makes me think of farmhouse root cellars.
    This oil seems a bit “fuzzier” and is more tenacious than the IJ.
  2. Musdev
    Hey guys, I tried to order from ASAQ site but was unable to. If you order directly from them, are there prices cheaper then Zahra's?
    I ordered the Qurashi Blend (Khaltat Qurashi) from Zahra's, is this fragrance a good choice, how does it smell? for those who have it.

  3. Musdev
    Has anyone tried the 100% PURE KUPANG SANDALWOOD 3 ml (no Agarwood/Oud) from Agarscents, is it worth buying?
  4. Oudh Seeker
    Oudh Seeker
    Musdev, I do not believe it's possible to order from ASAQ's store via internet. Your best way is to find someone who can help you aquire it.
  5. luigi_g

    I would not recommend the pure kupang sandalwood from agarscents,
    as with most of his stuff, it is drastically overpriced and in my opinion isn't pure
  6. 1234567890
    Hi ! anyone tried Oudselect ?
  7. dredmahawkus
    I been also waiting for someone to try oudselect. Weird no one has mentioned trying them
    yet! When I run into some extra money and after I get some thaqeel I will be te guinepig.... But that might be a while.
  8. AZsmells
    I haven't tried the oudselect but they are pretty cheap. Their sampler is $100 for 5. It seems pretty clear for their website that their oud is from cultivated trees. I am still curious to try them.

    Breaking news: Oriscent has a new oud. Insanely expensive though and of course no samples. I guess he found his Cambodi oud though I'm surprised its already available for sale.
    Kyara Koutan is $790! They claim it is virtually the same as Kyara LTD which I have heard is amazing.
  9. Igor01
  10. acer3
    Ohh man I needa get me some of this magical fruit called the 'forbidden fruit.'

    "even those with the finest taste for forbidden fruit are denied its Secret."

    "Kings would sell theirs for a whiff of green Kyara... the rarest fragrance known – extracted from the rarest aromatic in the world."

    So it is extracted from Green Kyara? Wow ... that's gotta be one awesome Oud ...

    Anyone tried this new Oud yet?
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