Agarwood oil thread.

  1. acer3
    How did the Kyara LTD sell out so quick? I just clicked on the link for it and it says sold out ... I guess it was limited edition then huh? ... I wonder when it came out though ... very interesting stuff ...

    Anyone purchased it by any chance?
  2. AZsmells
    Kyara LTD has been sold out for a couple years. The new one is Kyara Koutan which is supposed to smell like Kyara LTD. I never tried the old one so I wouldn't know. This new stuff is at Thaqeel prices. Anyone have any insight on this? Has anyone ever heard of oil being extracted from green kyara?
    I saw a website selling green kyara wood for $495 for 1 g. Seems like it would take a lot more than 1-2 grams of it to make 2.7 mg of oil.
  3. 1234567890
    I have a Japanese Perfume fragances Kyara, Shin Kyara , from Exclusive Kohdo Store in Japan,
    this is very nice , and people who try Kyara chips say that is very similiar to real Kyara Chips,
    The aroma is between Vietnamese and Cambodians , fruty and woody-creamy .
    Kyara smell is very unique . Oriscents Kyara looks very Nice !!
  4. Musdev
    Haahahahaahaa, I have this Dahn-Al Oudh Cambodi No. 1 from Al Haramain, and my wife is sooooo mad at me right now, she says I smell like hot garbage, and hot dog water. My nose and choice when it comes to Oud sucks, I guess I wont be buying this Oud, I received it in the mail from Zahras as a sample. You know when you leave your emergency brake on, and you drive around for about 10 min, then you realize its on because you smell that burning rubber, well thats what it smells like. Im getting a sample of Cambodian black ateeq from Agaraura inshallah in a few days, I hope its better then this. LOL
  5. abubakr_al-misky
    i think the indonesianouds are great for the summer. i put on some sheikhs borneo before exam time today to relax my nerves and then pumped out a 7 page essay in an hour and a half.
  6. acer3
  7. collin
    acer did you received my email with the pdf's

  8. collin
    somebody from London here? I have some questions about the AO shop in London.
  9. tahasyed
    Collin, is the question general? I've been to both AO's in London quite a number of times.

    Abu.. I hear ya!
    I used to keep an Irian Jaya oud next to me back in the day, when I was studying for my Cost Accounting exam. My friend thought I was a freak, because I'd pick up the bottle every now and then and sniff it.
    It did get me a free bottle of oud though, since he had gotten one and had it had home, but it wasn't his cup o' tea. So he just gave it to me!
  10. tahasyed
    Somehow I have a hard time accepting that Kyara Koutan is something new.
    Wasn't Ensar trying to work something out with a distiller just a few days ago? An oil doesn't get distilled this quickly. Especially higher grade oils, since the oil has to be cajoled out of the wood slowly, and gently, and can take a loooooong time to extract.

    Ensar - so is this some other oil, and not the product of your visit to Cambodia?
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