Agarwood oil thread.

  1. divinemama
    Prosperity blessings to all! :-)
  2. divinemama
    Has Black Aseem?/Ateeq? been renamed Koh Kong? Same oil?
  3. tahasyed
    Heya DM, check PM. : )
    (I just rhymed!)
  4. AZsmells
    I emailed Ensar yesterday and he told me this Kyara Koutan was distilled 3 years ago and has been sitting in storage. This is not something he discovered on his recent trip. He also said this isn't from pure green kyara of course because that would be insanely expensive. It is from a younger kyara tree. I still don't understand what exactly kyara and kinam mean. Whatever this new one is I'm sure it is good but at that price it would have to be really amazing for me to buy it. I would really want to try it first.
  5. dredmahawkus
    no ninjas gaurded this oud? I am not getting it then!!!
  6. acer3
    Yes thank you collin I received your email
  7. acer3
    Well if it truly is made from Kyara grade wood then that's gotta be one magnificent Oud! Definately justifies the price as well. Not only would that be rare but of the highest quality possible. Remember it is possible to distill from higher grade woods, it's just a lot more difficult to do so.

    As I explained to you guys before about the dude from Kuwait who flies over to Thailand and selected Double Super grade Oud wood and has it customly distilled for himself. Find my previous posts and see what the yield was. The higher the grade the wood is, the higher the quality is, the higher the yield is, but it is MUCH more difficult to extract - you gotta know what your doing here.

    Has anyone tried it yet?

    I gotta say, Oriscent's Ouds are really quite something.
  8. divinemama
    If I were rich, I would definitely buy it unsniffed. Alas, I am not. '-)
  9. luigi_g

    do you know why this is, or any more info on this:
    "The higher the grade the wood is, the higher the quality is, the higher the yield is, but it is MUCH more difficult to extract"

    do you think the equipment / still is different, or ??
  10. bluemoon
    " Distillation of dhum yields 0.75% to 2.5% agarwood oil according to Mahindru (1992), but Sadgopal (1980) had earlier maintain that dhum yielded a smaller amount of oil (0.1%) compared with infected brown wood (0.4%), with infected dark brown wood giving 0.9% and the best grade of black wood giving 1.2% plus. Chakrabarty et al. (1994) give the yield of agarwood oil from black agar as 0.09-2.5%."

    Here's an article on 3 techniques used for distillation:
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