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  1. peppermua
    Here's a place where we can discuss the other things such as Montale, Amouage and other niche perfume houses perfumes/attars featuring oud notes as well anything from the big houses.
  2. peppermua
    Hawk I ordered Al Mas from Zarhas. I traded for Tribute. I received samples of Al Shomoukh and Molook I do not own full bottles of those.
  3. hawk
    I'll have to contact Zahra then and see which ones I Can get. Thanks for replying
  4. peppermua
  5. peppermua
    So as I said I needed to do, I'm looking over my non-pure oud collection and wondering which one I should give a go of today for outside wear and which one I should put on at night go to sleep and see how it evolves in the morning.

    I really want to reapply some more PD but I opted for a spritz of Montale Red Aoud. It smells quite cough syrupy in the bottle, hope its not the case on my skin. Not sure if it is the EC, I doubt it somehow which is just fine with me!
  6. dredmahawkus
    I wish I had a sample of molook...I ordered it blind lol...hope its good it should be here tomorrow....not sure how amouage does oud...its supposed to be taifi rose cambodhi and indian oud....and ambergris....sounds awesome!

    I heard al shomoukh is really good too....that has oud in it too i think.

    you get the messege about the al mas? we have to wait another week.....I also have another homage coming..

    I think amouage attars are the best perfumes that are not ouds out there......real oud #1 ...amoauge attars #2......
  7. peppermua
    Yes I did get the message! I was so bummed b/c that is why I was paying for expedited shipping. But she told me that the release is being delayed worldwide so those of us who did order will still have it in advance of the release I hope...thats what she basically implied

    I think aside from Tribute they almost all have oud in them? I think you'll be greatful you ordered Molook now as I heard a rumour that prices on all Amouage is going up worldwide!

    I for one cannot wait to add to my collection without having to pay the crazy etailer prices.
  8. hawk
    so which ones are more masculine than others ?
  9. peppermua
    I've heard shomoukh and tribute whereas molook and homage are much more popular with both sexes.
  10. peppermua
    My Montale Red Aoud has worn off, wth? I thought this was supposed to have great lasting power. What should I try next, black oud, oud lime or I think I have a Tom Ford pure oud (no laughing allowed!) but I've been told that I might find these all seem a bit masculine.

    Or should I just douse myself in King Fahed this time?
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