OPEN by Roger & Gallet

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  1. Dimitrios
    I got this testerday & upon fist spritz , I new we had another to add to the powerhouse league !!
    Its potent !! , like Quorm x5 .
    Its a tricky one for me to describe just yet , but if you like Quorum or the hard to get Versailles PH then this would sit comfortably alongside them .
    More later .
  2. shamu1
    A powerhouse from R&G?! Now there's a new twist! I've always thought of R&G as the king of unisex, cologne-strength sweet lavenders and vetivers. Definitely give us your impressions after you've spent a day wearing it. Quorum x5 sounds good to me!
  3. perfaddict
    Wow! I saw lots of Open while on holidays in the States last summer. I actually ignored Open all that while. Quorum x5??? Will definitely seek it out!
  4. Dimitrios
    Ok guys , i survived thru that first day , when i opened this thread .
    No kidding this stuff is extremely loud & strong & takes hours to settle into the middle & basenotes .
    At this early stage , ( 2nd wearing now ) i can say i don't like it .
    For those taking my Quorum reference into account , Quorum is in another league , much more refined & interesting & develops better .
    Open just seems to fade , ever so slowly & the aroma that surrounds you is like gas or motor oil , yes like natural gas that run heaters & blow torches .
    I get this same note in Kolnich Juchten at the start , i have in the past described it like a motor oil smell and it describes Open pretty well .
    I am confident in saying that i won't like this scent , so i'll be parting with it later this year .
  5. shamu1
    I'm bumping this thread because I've been reading a lot of good things about Open recently, and am considering a blind buy. Anyone else wear this?
  6. perfaddict
    Finally got Open last November. Shamu1, just get it! Open is an untainted powerhouse, IMO. Reeks of the days of unapologetic frags. Love at first wear. A dominantly soapy tobacco frag with appreciable leather in the base.
  7. MisterK
    I'm not sure I get the comparison to Quorum, but everyone's nose picks up something different!
    Yeah, I made the mistake of wearing a little too much of this - definitely a powerhouse. It's very ... different. Maybe I'd think of it along along the lines of something like Cacherel or Equipage. In the words of my wife I'd simply characterize it as "soapy."
  8. darren1
    hmmm... im in. ill try it out
  9. darren1
    buy it now $16.99 for 3.4 oz. not bad
  10. DeepSilence
    YeS! It's a powerhouse. I had it several years ago, i don't remember it's smell exactly. What i remember are, it's woody, sweet, classic,
    I don't know this comparison is right or not, But i think it's something between Boucheron Pour Homme and Escada. Actually when i got Boucheron, it reminded me Open, but BPH has more citrus notes.
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