1. peppermua
    I'll be starting a couple threads to get things going. However depending on how things go, I expect there will be some overlap in discussion so we'll work with that. The compartmentalization is just to keep the group "user friendly".
  2. peppermua
    Thanks everyone who's joined up.

    Just so everyone knows, I created this group to serve a couple purposes, one of which was to provide a place to inquire about and appreciate a broader spectrum of scents that fall into the eastern inspired category than just a single ingredient. And where the focus is less technical for those who are beginners especially (such as myself). I hope this will be a pretty laid back, and hopefully still educational in a sense group. Might be the blind leading the blind at times but that's part of the fun and I hope we'll all benefit from each others varying levels of experience and interest in the subject.

    Have fun!
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