Mukhallats, Layering, DIY Attars - Use of Exotic ingredients in Perfumery (East or West)

  1. peppermua
    Talk about your favorite oils and mukhallats here!

    Do you like to layer your own essential oil with traditional fragrance? Create your own attars with Rose, Musk, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Ambergris, etc. Talk about it hear!

    This thread also hosts discussion of all attars and single eastern note fragrances already out there, whether its Homage, Al Qurashi, Ajmal, or any other brand!
  2. phibess
    Ok let's get this thing off the ground.

    I've recently become more interested in traditional Indian attars, esp. the ones with genuine sandalwood as opposed to mukhallats with musks/oud in the base. Here's what I mean
    I've found some great (albeit pricy) Middle Eastern style oils with musk and oud (e.g. King Fahed, Prince Bandar..) and I wonder if there are any high quality oil blends with authentic sandalwood sold online. I understand that there probably still are small local producers in India or elsewhere that make these attars using the old traditional process to distill and blend the ingredients and don't add chemicals to the product. Unfortunately, to travel to Asia and search for these is not an option for me right now - I wish I could do that...
  3. phibess

    I do not expect to be able to acquire attars containing vintage mysore sandalwood oil any more hence I'd be quite happy with blends that have the current Indian/Indonesian/Australian sandalwood in them as long as the mixture is pure and not adulterated with synthetics and the sandalwood (as well as the rest, of course) is of decent quality. I'm being told this is however close to impossible to find online.

    I know about White Lotus but I've never tried their products so I wonder what the quality of their attars is like. Has anybody tried them?
  4. peppermua
    Phibess RK Sons sells a mysore sandalwood oil, supposedly 90-92% conc. but I don't understand how Sandalwood is graded so you'd have to check their website. I think his name is Amit? He's a member here somewhere. Shipping is pricey but the oil itself is not.
  5. peppermua
    @ Hirch, saw on the other thread you said you used 20% conc. Vanilla Madagascar? Is that oil or absolute? Where do you get it? Absolute I think burns your skin so I was just wondering if one wanted to layer it under another perfume like Montale Aoud etc or even another oil if it would be ok.
  6. dredmahawkus
    phibess- if you find any good indian attars let me know I would love to buy one and try it....sounds awesome!

    are teh contemperary attars on that site what you mean? they look really good! are they real oils?
  7. peppermua
    from White Lotus: "The process for making Hina, Shamama, Amber, and Saffron Attar is much more sophisticated and requires numerous other steps as as many as 60 natural ingredients go into thier production which takes place over a couple of months.Please do note that many many oils in India are in the common market called Attar but they are not at all what their names claim to be. Authentic oils requires a huge amount of labor and fresh materials which makes them costly items to produce. In order to insure that we get the genuine oils we have a gentleman in India distilling these traditional oils for us. We have recently purchased two new copper stills for him and he is doing this work under specific guidance from us."
  8. phibess
    dred - yes, they're all oils, if I understood correctly they all contain sandalwood except the ruhs which is a pure essence without sandalwood. I'm particularly curious about their Shamana attar, Majmua attar, Rose supreme attar, Amulya Attar, Aurora Attar plus a few more. Will have to order samples at some point.

    pepper - I've also heard some good things about their sandalwood although $25 for shipping is a little steep esp. when you're first want to get only 5ml. Of course, I'd buy more if I find the quality to be good.
  9. hirch_duckfinder
    @pepper sorry just saw your post. The vanilla is vanilla absolute diluted to 20% in alcohol. I just put a couple of drops in to increase mobility of the sandalwood and add a touch of vanilla. I don't think absolute burns your skin (don't quote me on that but I didn't get any burning when handling it).
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