What was your last fragrance purchase? What are you looking forward to next?

  1. peppermua
    Feel free to add your non-eastern themed scents too. This is meant to be a fun slightly OT to live vicariously through each other! Talk about your freebies or samples or what not too.

    I bought my first Montale a couple weeks ago so I got Aoud Velvet, Aoud Forest as well as samples of Aoud Shiny and Aoud Saffron. Just received my first full bottle of Annick Goutal, Ambre Fetiche that layers very well with ASAQ Ambergris Spirit. Waiting for Serge Lutens Un Bois de Vanille, Amouage Al Mas and an order from Barney's. And a bunch of ASAQ/Arabian ouds, mukhallats and ambergris.
  2. cpk
    Nice idea peppermua!
    So to kick this one off I am very excited to by Cuir Ottoman today. I have been on the lookout for my leather fragrance for some time now. I was captivated by CO for some months now but also wanted to sample Cuir Muaresque. I finally got a tiny sample from theperfumed court a few weeks ago. It was really amazing after giving it some thought I decided that CO comes closer to my ideal leather scent. It manages to be powdery and bitter at the same time and has that real leather note that I was looking for. Now you might think "a bitter oriental?". To my nose it is more bitter than CM or any other leather scent with a strong floral tone like Knize 10, Cuiron and the likes. Although amber is not listed in the pyramid the composition has an ambery tone and the end result is a very rich fragrance that sort of covers the wearer with a velvet robe. From the same line Fougere Bengale, Equistrius and Ambre Russe share the same vibe.
  3. peppermua
    Thank you cpk and welcome!

    I hope you've found your signature leather scent. I have noticed that it is not just oud or the oud note as some would say that has been a prominent trend in niche fragrances but amber (or ambergris). Cuir Ottoman and L'air de Morrocan make me think of Morocco and Turkey (as I'm sure they should!) so perhaps the trend is moving beyond the ME (and by that I mean the gulf) into North Africa and Turkey. Maybe that's just my flash in the pants newbie analysis for what its worth
  4. cpk
    I think that tha mainstream fresh aquatic direction of designer scents has been exausted so it is inevitable that people will turn to other directions for inspiration. At the moment sweet fruity seems to be the "new fresh aquatic". But I am sure at some point orientals will start hitting tha mass market.
  5. peppermua
    What does "fresh aquatic" mean? I've never heard that before, I'm new to the perfume industry terminology

    You mean orientals *haven't* already hit the mass market? Oh by mass market you mean the "power house" brands or you mean "niche" and what I like to call "semi-niche" like anything that has a wide enough distribution in Saks and Neimans (maybe not Barneys).

    Maybe they have oriental/spicy/warm scents but nothing really built around a particular note before? I mean Ooud is in seems alot of niche brands are putting out fragrances around amber/ambergris and sandalwood and Montale's been doing that for a while, yes?

    I wonder if fragrance is like fashion and the trend is cyclical so whats in one year is out the and whats out becomes in 5 years later...and so on.
  6. dredmahawkus
    fresh aquatic was the main scent for the last decade? aqua di gio...and everything that smells like that.
  7. peppermua
    Ha, I remember thinking Aqua di Gio was so fancy...loved the bottle and the color of the juice.

    Actually my very first fragrance purchase was oriental/spicy/warm - Cinnabar by Estee Lauder. Impulse buy in college. I think they recently discontinued it.

    Forgot I'm also getting Creative Scentualizations Love Comes from Within and Joy Comes from Within from Barneys...hopefully along with a bunch of Serge Lutens samples the SA promised me!
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