Raphaella's Roses (posted with permission)

  1. RHM
    As some of you might know, a dear friend of mine began the online only, Sniffapalooza Magazine. I write for her, as a way of showing my support.

    Raphaella has collected a listing of rose fragrances, which, with her permission, I am providing a link for the Rose Group members here.


    Beth & I wrote intros for the section...I hope you enjoy this!

  2. Eleanore
    A very enjoyable read. I'm having so much fun. Still not finished--so, there are a few more dellights to come my way.
    I have recently bought Rose Barbare and Lady Vengeance. I have to say that I love Rose Barbare.
    Thank you-what a whole lot of information and enjoyment!!!
  3. Valerie
    I adore it and must thank everyone involved .It is a beautiful supplement that I rely on for Rose perfume news.
  4. JGbeader
    This is a very nice read! Perhaps we should start a list of collectable (and rejectable) rose perfumes. It's always interesting to see how others respond to your faves and non-faves.

    Nahema, Shiseido's Rosarium and Ombre Rose are three of my favourite iterations of The Rose in a bottle. I could think of more, but don't want to be pushy today :-)
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