Need help identifying vintage "nips"

  1. msveronica9
    I bought online a set of the old perfume "nips" - sealed tubes of parfum samples which were popular between 1930-1950. My box contains the larger sized nips that have different colours on each end (eg. one nip might have a purple tip as well as a silver tip) but unfortunately is missing the list for decoding the different colour combinations. Can anyone help, please?
  2. Pimpinett
    No help, I'm afraid, just wanted to congratulate you on the find. I am officially (very) jealous!
  3. Tourbillion
    I thought that the nips with 2 colors had the names printed on the tubes?

    There are some charts online of the 1 color ones if you do a web search. As I recall, pink is Shocking, silver is Black Satin, dk blue Evening in Paris, lt blue Intoxication, etc.

    Another kind is here

    I am not sure about the perfume "typer" ones, as I haven't actually seen those. Then again, you may have yet another type.
  4. reine
    I'm afraid you're out of luck without the card....but aren't nips fun!

  5. janeshiva
    Msveronica9 I have 2 sets with the cards if you are still looking for information - let me know and i will upload a pic of them for you (if you can post a pic of the front of the case it might be one of the 2 i have!)
  6. sashapoppy
    I have two packages of Nips-a small "Vogue Perfume Pack" with 5 Lanier perfumes in a clear clamshell pkg; and a larger set in a gold box containing a clear clamshell that holds the Nips and a plastic tube shaped holder that is gold w/a green top. If either of these sound like yours please contact me and Ill be glad to pass on any info I can. Apologies for replying so long after your original post. Im new to the discussion boards.
  7. kumquat
    I have one more to add; the one in a gold and yellow sparkle tube is Miss Dior. I have one that is in great shape. The nips are vacuum sealed so they keep the perfume fresh as a daisy!
  8. SaNielsen
    I have some two-colored perfume nips with names on them, so perhaps the following will help. I am pretty new to Basenotes...

    yellow/baby blue: Esperanto

    black/red: Midnight

    orange/baby blue: Nosegay by Dorothy Gray

    black/gold: Black Satin by Angelique (1958)

    red/white: Fourth Dimension by Helena Rubenstein (1956)

    gold/medium green: White Lilac by Mary Chess

    white/gray: Golden Chance by Harriet Hubbard Ayer (1949)

    purple/black: Consent by Charbert (1952)

    orange/baby blue: Dark Brilliance by Lentheric (1946)

    the following I'm not sure about (most of the paint has flecked off or they look to have the same color on both ends of the nip:

    black/white: Shocking by Schiaparelli (1937)

    gold/gold: Folie de Minuit by Lanier (1955)

    baby pink/baby pink; Silhouette

    red/red (?magenta/magenta): Envoy by Lanier (1955)

    gray green/gray green: Virtuoso by Lanier (1950)

    By the way, if anyone in the continental US would like to try any of the above nips, I have one of each (2 of Silhouette) and would be glad to share. I found one of my new favorite fragrances through a vintage nip (Blue Carnation by Roger & Gallett-- a gorgeous carnation soliflore, deep clove scent) -- I now have a partial bottle of that from Ebay and, again, would love to share free decants. Contact me if interested. Peace, love, and vintage scents! Lisa
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