Worth Pour Homme: Was this once a Powerhouse?

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  1. shamu1
    Worth Pour Homme is one of my favorite fragrances. It was created in 1980. However, I have the reformulated version with the clear bottle and blue box, which is an outstanding scent but far from a Powerhouse.

    I have read that the original version was a very strong scent, and some BN'ers have described it as a powerhouse. Are any of you at all familiar with the original version of this scent?

    As sort of an aside, I know some of you guys appreciate (like I do) very old school styled fougeres in the style of Wild Fern, Patrick or Canoe. If you're one of those guys, you need to sample Worth Pour Homme. This is an ultra-masculine fougere in the very old school style. It has excellent longevity (8-10 hrs. for me), but very weak sillage. I need to really spray this on hard to be able to smell it on myself, but the scent does last all day. It's a very discreet, mature scent. Sort of like something David Niven or James Bond (Sean Connery years) would have worn.
  2. seasoldiermarine
    I don't remember if I've ever tried this one Sham, I have to sample it, of course as You know I'm one of those Fella's You said enjoys old School Fougeres. Wow, I wouldn't mind smelling like David Niven Or Sean Connery
  3. Scent-e-mental
    I never tried the 1980 version (assuming it had been reformulated since then). I have the modern version and I believe it to be the "fougere of fougeres". When I smell it, it is like every other classic fougere I have (Paco Rabanne, Azzaro etc) are variations of it.
  4. fountain
    ha, worth! if only it lasted longer, i'd give it five fat stars in my book. it's an excellent, elegant skin scent, i think.
    so fine and comfortable to wear i sometimes wear it to bed.
  5. Rüssel
    It is very discrete and stays close to the skin on me too. Just trying it for the first time now. Bit disappointing, esp as it smells nice. I don't like spraying too much perfume onto me (bit of a health worrier here : p ) so I'm not keen on a scent I will have to douse myself in to smell anything.

    Still, not quite as bad as Eau De Cartier, I'd say, which was the only one so far I had to let go cause it was just too timid. Hm, or maybe it is. It is weak.
  6. Rossi46
    I had a bottle of Worth PH back in the 80's and I do remember it as having significantly more strength than the current formulation, although I don't always trust my memory of a fragrance from 30 years ago. I get the same feeling from that other classic fougere Paco Rabanne PH.

    Don't get me wrong, I still love the current incarnation of WPH, but it isn't the powerhouse I remember it to be.
  7. PerfumeCollector
    I just bought a 1.7 oz of Worth pour Homme from ebay, the bottle looks like this:

    I do not know if it is the original or the reformulated, it is STRONG so if this is the reformulation, I can't imagine how strong ther original was.

    I just smelled it from the bottle and have not worn it yet, but this is going straight to my top 10 list.
  8. shamu1
    I bought a couple of those same 1.7s last year because they were so cheap, plus I wanted a few backup bottles of Worth. The bottle says "Haute Concentration", but trust me, it's not the HC version. I think what you have is the current reformulated version of the real Worth Pour Homme, which is awesome, so you're good to go PC. I swear they must have mislabeled a whole lot of those 1.7 ouncers, because the real Haute Concentration version of Worth PH is a very different, much stronger and heavier fragrance, and in my opinion inferior to Worth Pour Homme.

    My first bottle of Worth PH is a 3.4 oz. bottle that looks like this:

    It smells to me exactly the same as what's in the bottle you just bought, which is why I think it's mislabeled.

    The original formulation of Worth Pour Homme looked like this:

    I've never smelled the original formula of this, nor do I care to.

    Worth Pour Homme is certainly masculine and very long lasting, but I don't get a lot of sillage from it. I think it's one of the greatest masculine fragrances ever.
  9. PerfumeCollector
    Thank you shamu for the bit of info you just gave me.
    I sprayed a little WpH in my neck and man it is good, masculine and leathery. I get a strong lavender at the opening but leather takes a commanding lead very shortly and it is perfectly supported by oakmoss. Some spices and woods way in the background but can not identify them.
    Thanks shamu, this is another perfume I get to enjoy because of you.
  10. Wolland
    shamu, you`ve made me very curious about Worth Pour Homme. Yesterday I have finally ordered a 3.3 oz bottle in the blue package. As I enjoy both Azzaro PH and Paco Rabanne PH, I can`t go wrong with Worth.
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