Washington DC area Perfumistas

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  1. Teddius
    Tyson's Corner VA - Fragrance shopping capital of the mid-Atlantic.
  2. DustB
    Hello Reneirwold and Teddius!

    Thanks for starting this group already. This morning is my first time clicking open the new groups feature and I thought it might be nice to make a metro area group. What a surprise that you guys already have one started! I think our city shopping post is pretty good by the way.

    And Reneirwold, a very happy birthday to you.
  3. sakecat22
    DustB clued me into this group. Teddius - thanks for putting this together.
  4. Divatologist
    Divatologist is reppin the DMV to the fullest!!
  5. serenity1380
    Hello Everyone--

    I'm new to the Basenotes community. I love, love, love perfume and want to learn more about it. I came across this group while searching the site and decided to join. I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone soon.
  6. fountaingirl
    Hi everyone! I'm new, and in MD. Loving Basenotes so far!
  7. Melisand
    Hi everyone. I'm in NoVA and I just found this group. Thanks Teddius for starting it.
  8. Ms Rochambeau
    Ms Rochambeau
    Hi Everybody! I'm Ms Rochambeau and I'm new to the group. Thanks for the tip on Tyson's Corner Teddius.
  9. Late-Hit
    Oh, I want to join this group, too! I'm in College Park.
  10. Ms Rochambeau
    Ms Rochambeau
    Welcome Late-hit!
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