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  1. Late-Hit
    The leaves are changing, and I'm no longer choking with heat, so I guess the summer is over!

    Of course that means it's time to get back into those winter hobbies... and maybe a good occasion to link up with other DC Area Perfumistas.

    Perhaps an informal gathering at Tysons. Or something else... What do you think?
  2. muskymoi
    Hello All,

    I'm a newbie to BN (and this group). Hoping to learn a lot and maybe participate in occasional meetups to revel in good smells.
  3. DeborahJohnson
    I am making perfume & men's cologne so looking for new fragrance oils live in DC
  4. Rictor07
    Hello to fellow DMV fumeheads.
  5. mangifera
    Hello everyone. Glad to see a group so near. Hopefully our senses will be satiated when a new boutique opens in the new year in DC (fingers crossed!)
  6. cyanb
    New boutique.. of what are we speaking of?
  7. Zephyr1973
    Any chance we could get a group together for an olfactory field trip of sorts? I've got so much to learn and it appears there are quite some experienced folks in this group!
  8. mangifera
    cyanb - A little birdie whispered that to me last fall. I have to do a follow-up. Am very anxious for something like that myself.
  9. snuffling_wombat
    Hi! While I buy my fragrances almost exclusively online, I've been starting to visit local shops more. Had a really good experience at the Chanel in the Friendship Heights/Chevy Chase Saks and am looking forward to visiting the Santa Maria Novella there soon; also want to visit the DC Le Labo. I would also love to go on a fragrance field trip at some point!
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