Your first ever experience with Kouros?

  1. Scent-e-mental
    I have owned Kouros about 1 year. Around my birthday last year a local variety store (K-Mart) was clearing its fragrances out and marked them all down. I bought a few: Cerruti pour Homme, Paco Rabanne and thought I had pretty much got everything they had. I went back a few days later and saw two 50mL bottles of Kouros, which I had not heard of before. They must have been brought out from the storeroom or something, because they weren't there on the shelf the last time I checked. They had no prices so I got a price check, they were $7.20 each (actually $9 but they had 20% off storewide). I bought them unsmelled. When I got home and tried them I was blown away. Since then my appreciation for this magnificent fragrance has only grown.
  2. valkriz
    Nice find; wish I could find a deal like that! My first experience was just yesterday at a local perfume store. In my head Kouros was built up quite a bit I had this image of a smell that was going to be massive and untamable. But to my surprise it smelt like some of my favorite Japanese incense. I realized my Dad actually used to wear this when I was very young so it brought back some memories also. To say the least I was impressed though and am going to order a bottle now.
  3. professor goggles
    professor goggles
    I had read about it here on Basenotes and found it at an old department store about a year ago, where the clerk said there were regular customers who would come in for it. From the reviews here, I expected it to be quite a controversial fragrance. Upon smelling it, I immediately had memories of an uncle from Paris who would visit my family in Canada from time to time. I'm pretty sure he wore it. It is unique. At first I found it almost too strong, it has a very powerful solvent note, something boldly camphorous like turpentine or permanent marker or yes, urinal cakes. I was cautious, and thought I wouldn't be able to wear it. But underneath there is so much more. It becomes a banquet of spice and sweetness and mystery and through it all the animal note so many complain of which I can't get enough of. Now I love it.
  4. EricKnick
    After hearing all the love and hate reviews here on basenotes I decided to take the plunge and bought Kouros blind online. I remember feeling fear before I pushed the trigger but went ahead. My first experience was the spice. My god, the spice. Having only owned the nice fresh fragrances before, this intensity and manliness was new to me. I was intrigued by this monster and let it sit and develop. About 45 minutes later as Kouros moved through to the warm musky base notes I knew I would never be without a bottle for the rest of my life. Even though I'm only 25, this is my go-to scent for an evening out to bars or clubs and I have gotten plenty of compliments on Kouros after its edges smooth out. Truly legendary stuff.
  5. Francolino
    was my signature in 2000, vintage was pretty still around!
  6. k e i t h
    k e i t h
    I had a bottle from the mid 2000's I believe it was the ppr-Gucci era, neutered down many would say. But I really loved that juice. I bought an older bottle from the early 90's from eBay. lots of animalics, mucho civet. I must watch out wearing it in hot weather. I think I enjoyed the neutered down juice a little more. Less animal and more of a smoky incense on my skin. Definitely a frag that makes you stop in your tracks the first time your smell it on you! Only gripe with Kouros is all of the squirt gun sprayers.. Maybe I've had bad luck with them?
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