Advice Sought on Organizing Samples in Wardrobe!

  1. systeme_d
    Hello, fellow sample addicts!

    I am a refugee from Fragrantica, and I am in the process of moving my fragrance wardrobe and my sample collection over to Basenotes.

    I have moved all of my bottles, minis, and decants, but now the overwhelming task of listing all my samples.

    I have only gotten through Annick Goutal (I am doing this alphabetically by house), and it occured to me that I should ask what others do.

    I was listing all my samples under "For Test." Do you think this is the best place for them? I thought that I could put on my "Wish List" both the samples and the bottles I wish to purchase or swap.

    Does this make sense? Or do others have a better plan?

    I appreciate all advice.
  2. mill4r4
    Hello friend!

    I haven't actually added samples to the wardrobe, so now you have got me thinking.

    I have started to get samples as a prompt for the "do I like it" and the "what shall I get next?" If I like it the Fragrance will go on the 'wish list' though it does not tend to stay there for long! If I don't like it the fragrance goes on 'Tested', and I try to forget about it. For myself, a zero star rating means I have found something singularly olfactorially disagreeable (lots of long words, mother would be proud!)

    Hope this is of some use

    Ho - hum
  3. Andrew_B.
    The samples I've tested I put under "tried." The samples I have not tested I don't list.
  4. systeme_d
    Thanks for the responses!

    I'm still working on things, but for now, my huge (but unintentionally so!) collection of samples will stay under "for test," and the fragrances I wish to sample will stay on my "wish list."

    Given your suggestions, I may end up switching things around.
  5. Birdboy48
    It may be that BN has reorganized their Wardrobe since this post started. I have all my samples under "Samples", things I've read about and hope to test in the future under "Test list ", and things I've only smelled at a store, but don't have any of it in my possession under "Tried".

    It would be nice if there was a feature that allowed us to make notes , or at least list sillage. There are those which take a bunch of sprays, and others where a little dab'l do you, and those aspects often seem different than longevity.

    But you can't have everything, and it's pretty cool that BN provides all the features that it does. :- )
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