Mai (F) and Mikk (M) on Madis and Piret's old nest have an egg

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  1. 30 Roses
    30 Roses
    Their first egg, laid on May 1st.

    This Youtube video shows her laying the egg (soft cackling sounds) at the start of the video, then at 16:48 you see Mikk coming in and landing on her back, attempting to mate-- but she does not stand up as she normally would. He finally climbs off her and she immediately stands to show him the egg! He inspects it. What a cool moment!

    The female, Mai (band number 29) is 3 years old, born about 60 miles away in 2012. (That was the same year as Madis and Piret's 3 kids, so maybe they are breeding this year, too.)

    The unbanded male named Mikk seems young and inexperienced, judging by clumsy early mating attempt shown here:

    I'm thrilled that there are now couples on both nests! Hopefully Irma and J3 will have an egg soon as well.
  2. rowan-
    Wonderful, thanks - Mikk is hilarious! His hijinks are going to be fun to watch.
  3. 30 Roses
    30 Roses
    And now a second egg...
  4. 30 Roses
    30 Roses
    They have a 3rd egg now, but Mikk is trying for a 4th!
  5. 30 Roses
    30 Roses
    Sadly the camera went off on this nest after Mikk apparently landed on it. It's been days now, and it seems unlikely they will risk disturbing the nest to fix the camera.

    It is disappointing, but we still have the other next to watch!
  6. 30 Roses
    30 Roses
    Yay! The camera has been repaired and we can watch Mai and Mikk's nest again!
  7. rowan-
    Hm, do those eggs look unusually orange for osprey eggs?

    From Looduskalender user Bea
  8. socalwoman
    It's hatch watch time for this nest! The first egg was laid on May1, the second on May 4 and the third May 7. Incubation is usually from 35 - 42 days.
  9. socalwoman
    They've been mating again recently. I hope there's time this season for another clutch.

    It looks like Mai keeps "checking" one of the eggs with her claws. I think she's anxious for it to hatch and maybe worried it's not viable. Or maybe I'm projecting

    Pics of her "checking" (or doing the Hully Gully) and one of the eggs:

  10. socalwoman
    Rowan: I ran across something about osprey egg color in a blog post: https://ospreycamerablog.wordpress.c...afraid-to-ask/

    "...This particular clutch is very cinnamon. Others are rich browns, and some have a white to cream-colored background covered with dots and swirls as dark as mahogany. There are also spots and flecks shaded delicate lavender. Clutch-mates tend to have some artistic consistency, but there is enough variation that one wants to admire each entire clutch as an avian work of art. Toward the end of the incubation period, gentle polishing and weathering have sometimes reduced the eggs’ appearance to old scuffed shoes..."
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