Juniper Ridge Big Sur

  1. odysseusm
    This is a powerful, assertive, masculine scent.
    Note that Juniper Ridge forages its raw materials and renders its oils. Thus it is likely that batches will vary from year to year. This is batch 2104-5, purchased in 2014. I say this because looking at this year's (2015) product on the website, the bottle is different (cylinder rather than flask) and the notes listed are different.

    Has a slightly salty opening, but the main and fairly enduring feature is a HIGHLY camphoraceous note. Brisk, substantial, quite medicinal in style. I like it -- but be warned! Hint of rubber and smoke. Bay-leaf emerges, with a green and dusky style. Scrubby vegetation (the chaparral) is suggested, and hints of sage (another dusky note) appear.

    It is a big ol' scent, and not afraid to throw its weight around. Quite distinctive, and certainly conveys a very natural vibe.

    Notes: Salt air, Chaparral, Burnt honey, Camphor, Bay Laurel, Oak, Sage
  2. odysseusm
    Here's a point to note. Juniper Ridge makes (or made) a line called _Natural Room Spray_ . Steam-distilled EOs and distilled water.
    In comparison to the personal fragrance (which itself is quite assertive), the room spray is so powerful that I can't imagine anyone wearing it.
    Uber-camphoraceous, smoky, and rubbery. Quite interesting, and certainly ZAPS a room.
    So - caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.
  3. MonkeyBars
    Nice! Very interesting line. Loved my San Jacinto shower gel.
  4. scents or
    scents or
    on my skin the sage and the chapparal are more than just a hint and a suggestion, but certainly, as you said, it is overall "quite medicinal"
  5. odysseusm
    Rolling out the reviews of powerhouse &/or medicinal... next in the spotlight!
  6. odysseusm
    The camphor note gives a refreshingly cool morning breeze off the pine-laden rocky hills... Quite delightful for fans of ultra-realistic nature scents.
  7. junior_surgeon
    This one sounds great, I've only tried their coastal pine oil and found it to be pleasant but short-lived. About how long would you say it lasts on skin?
  8. odysseusm
    I find it last several hours for me.
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