Where can i buy Japanese Incense?

  1. SamathaJ1982
    I'm new to the wonderful olfactory world of Japanese incense. I've tried a few of the low end scents. Where can I purchase some better scents? thanks, Sam
  2. kyarazen
    if you're in the states you should consider japanincense.com ; essence of the ages; amazon ; etc
  3. SamathaJ1982
    Thanks, i'm uk based, but i found Zen Minded whom seem to stock all the top Japanese brands (including one Myo-ho Infinity priced at 338!). They have a neat little 'mood' selector too, so you can browse depending on your mood! www.zenminded.uk/collections/japanese-incense - i might opt for something a little cheaper though myself, as I'm not quite ready to shell out that kind of cash for incense! (maybe one day).

    Does anyone know some good low/medium priced scents to try first? how about Baieido, or Shoyeido? cheers
  4. tsuzumi
    Just looking at the first page, I saw several that I like and enjoy. Enmei, Gozan, Hakuun--these are related, and they don't have very much agarwood, but the blending is masterful, and the result is both refreshing and meditative. Kai Un Koh is well-loved, said to be a very old formula, and it is very dignified and traditional. The Kobunboku series is well-regarded, but I don't know which one is the best (I don't have any on hand). I also like the Incense Road series, especially the Chai and the Sandalwood. If you like (or are curious about) the frankincense, then the assorted pack is worth it. The Incense Road items are all kind of heavy on vanilla, so they are not so traditional, but I like them.

    On the second page, Kinkaku and Nokiba are kind of similar. They are more on the spice, less on the wood, more like a home incense than a temple incense. Kyo Nishiki and Kyo Sakura are also on the spicy and less-heavy side. All of the premium Shoyiedo selections--the slender white boxes with square black stoppers, Kyomiman, Myo-ho etc.-- are pretty much all recommendable--it just depends on your budget. At the lower end they are heavily (but expertly) blended with relatively small amounts of the expensive ingredients. I am a fan of Sei-fu, which bridges the gap between the daily incenses and the premiums, with a good blend to enhance the agarwood impression (it is an upward extension of the Haku-un, Enmei line.

    Have fun exploring!
  5. Safiy
    I ordered some from Shoyeido yesterday (should be here in a few days). Looks like top quality stuff according to the site and reviews. They give you free samples with your 1st order also.
  6. KarenBowden
    Based from the UK are Vectis Karma - Japanese Incense Specialists - www.vectiskarma.co.uk

    Wide choice from the likes of Nippon Kodo, Shoyeido, Baieido, Kousaido, Les Encens du Monde and Ume.

    Plus features an increasing amount of Incense related content.
  7. Incense456
    I've used a lot of incense in my time but I've fallen in love with morning star from Japan. The lavender and sandalwood incense is just amazing. I would highly recommend trying them to anyone who loves incense from Japan. I get mine from the hippie house - they ship worldwide which is great as I'm not in Australia. But it works out to be about $3 for a pack of 50 and each pack even comes with a small burner.

    They also sent me a free sample packet of some Australian Incense, it's called moondance.. Never heard of it before but they sent me the 'purple haze' incense by moondance and I was rather impressed. I still like the morning star better but I still had to place another order to get some more of the purple haze incense It's an amazing fragrance and is actually a very high quality incense with a slow burn time - so Australia - you've surprised me!
  8. saminlondon
    Updating with a couple of sources I've found in Europe:

    https://www.raeucherwerk-shop.de/index.php (in Germany; free shipping)

    https://zenwinkel.nl/ (in the Netherlands; mostly Shoyeido but very reasonable prices, especially on the premium range. Just placed my first order so let's see how it goes).
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