Houbigant Fougere Royale

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  1. odysseusm
    Since Houbigant's Fougere Royale is a reference point for the concept and execution of the fougere style, I thought I'd start a thread devoted to it.
    Howard (Howard Wallace) apparently cross-posted his BN review on B&B (see link). The B&B article is worthwhile since it has a clip of a vintage advertisement which is quite interesting that the the ad copy stresses the masculine character of this scent. And yes, I have the same bottle as that shown in the upper left corner of the B&B article.
    Howard and myself are the only ones to have posted a BN review. His notes on the scent inspired me to acquire my own vintage bottle, and to do an analysis in his style. Check out our comments:
  2. shamu1
    I have never had the opportunity to smell Fougere Royal, but I have heard rumors that this is about to be reissued. Any of you know of the veracity of this, and if it's true, when the reissue is expected?
  3. vonMises
    Here is a rumor that seems well founded: http://www.basenotes.net/threads/259...-A-first-sniff
  4. shamu1
    Yep, seems pretty legit, and like it's coming soon. However, those prices are absurd for a fragrance whose primary notes are lavender and coumarin. I have to wonder if the original Fougere Royale contained ingredients that either no longer exist or have been banned, because otherwise those prices amount to fleecing the customer.
  5. shamu1
    Ody, I know you have a bottle of the original FR. How would you compare it to Trumper's Wild Fern? It's hard to imagine anything smelling any more classical than Wild Fern.
  6. odysseusm
    Trumper's Wild Fern is a lovely scent, it is much greener and fresher than the vintage Houbigant. In part, the age of the Houbigant (at least 50 years old) has probably taken some of its freshness from it -- but vintage scents were usually made in a heavier, denser style which reflected the tastes of the day. The two scents do share the classic lavender + coumarin accord, with the rubbery-soapy pleasant fougere vibe.
    In terms of density and longevity, the closest to the Houbigant is the also discontinued Crown Fougere by Crown Perfumery. However, it has some spices which make that scent a bit more on the aromatic side than the Houbigant.
  7. shamu1
    Thanks for the description ody. I think I'd like the Wild Fern better than FR, due to the green factor, so I don't feel I've missed too much in not having smelled FR.

    This new fougere group has inspired me to gather the cash to finally buy a bottle of Wild Fern! Right now the only Trumper scent I own a bottle of is Eucris, which is great too but which I think of more as a chypre than a fougere, even though it has fougere-like qualities..
  8. JaimeB
    I hadn't known of the existence of this group before now. I'm very happy to be here, if you'll have me.

    The outside rep of my acquaintance is Michal, who reps for Houbigant (among others), and he's been talking about this re-release of Fougère Royale for over a year. Apparently the people who are doing this have labored over it intensively, even since before he started talking about it. Their last few most recent attempts to perfect this have been been shared with Michal, so he has smelled it as it progressed toward completion.
  9. JaimeB
    [Had to split this up because of length limitations]

    Michal travels to New York and to Europe with some frequency, and gets lots of information from both official and informal sources within the industry. He has always been extraordinarily trustworthy as to his news turning out to be accurate. He has also been very generous in giving me samples and decants of some amazing things. He says that this last iteration is by far the most spectacular, and from what I could smell, he's right about that. Ody is the only person I've read about who has smelled the original formulation, and of course, his bottle is of an age to have possibly gone off considerably from its original splendor.

    Michal has said that he would try to invite me to the press release at Neiman's. I only hope it's at a time when work won't prevent me from attending.

    If I hear anything more, I'll keep you all posted as things develop.
  10. vonMises
    Welcome, Jaime! Thank you for sharing your information with this group!

    This group was just recently created, and the timing seems very fortunate with this historic release from Houbigant.
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