2016 Mai and Mikk's nest

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    A banded (#766) female osprey that supposedly hatched in a nest in Latvia in 2013 has been visiting the nest previously occupied by Mai and Mikk.

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    And now an unringed osprey has visited the nest as well.
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    Mai is back! She's on the nest right now as I write. She left for a minute and came back with a branch-- already she is nest-building.
    Live camera: http://pontu.eenet.ee/player/kalakotkas.html

    I wonder if Mik will return also?
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    A banded male (who some think is Madis, but others disagree on his head markings) has brought some nesting material and keeps attempting to mate with Mai, but she is not receptive as yet.
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    Mai and the new male are mating and nest building; no sign of Mikk.
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    Mai has laid her first egg of the season!
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    The male is now called Mati, which apparently is a common Estonian name.
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    Mai has a second egg.
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