Muskrat pheromone project: First step

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  1. Profumo


    Muskrat is a rare ingredient of perfumery and is the scent nearest to the famous synthetic white musk. It is just it, but it is even better, exactly like Vanilla real is better than synthetic vanillin.

    The project consists in adding the muskrat tincture to commercial fragrances and to report your observations in this thread. Has it an effect on their longevity, volume and trail? This is only the first step of the research,

    The second part will regard the psychological aspects and we shall try to ascertain if this pheromone has an effect on the opposite sex, with scientific method. There will be a series of guided experiments to ascertain facts in regard.

    Now we shall start the first part of the project. If you are ready to experiment with your favourite frags, tampering them with Muskrat pheromones and willing to report your findings in this thread, a free bottle of the tincture is available to the first 15 volunteer researchers and reporters.
    You will pay only the shipping. Contact me by PM.

    If you are just curious to know this rare scent but you do not feel to participate in reporting on experiments, you can order my muskrat tincture here.

    A few of you have received their muskrat bottle and more are about to receive it tomorrow.
    We can start our experiments with our favourite frags.

    The first thing we can try is to layer Muskrat on the skin or on the sleeve then spray our perfume over it. This is very primitive but very simple and is good enough for a start.
    A second way to proceed is to spray a little of your fragrance in a small vial and add a drop of muskrat tincture. You must have a second vial in which you will put your perfume without muskrat. This is in order to be able to put the same quantity on each hand or on each sleeve.
    Mark the vials in order to avoid confusion.

    Try with different perfumes. Have a nice research!
  2. Le vagabond
    Le vagabond
    This is a fascinating project. I am really looking forward to smelling the tincture, and am curious to know what the guided experiments will involve
  3. Lellabelle
    Hello Salaam,

    I would love to be a part of this new pheromone project! Your muskrat tincture is very interesting and I'd love to test how it impacts and improves some commercial fragrances, particularly florals. Happy to share my results and findings with the group . PM sent, thank you!
  4. Lellabelle
    So excited to be joining the research group! Looking forward to testing and sharing my findings with everyone!
  5. mumsy
    Count me in for an online research project. I am always willing to smell unusual things... Thank you for the opportunity to do so. Fascinating.
  6. the_good_life
    If there's still a seat on the muskrat express, I'd like to join :-).
  7. mumsy
    Thank you,

    The parcel has just arrived and I am already wearing muskrat on my right hand because I am insatiably inquisitive.

    It is a curiously gentle and very fatty musk. It hasn't developed yet so I am happily and curiously waiting to see what it does with time and body heat.

    What concentration is this? I'm guessing 3% but for how long was it tincturing? It is an interesting thing indeed.
  8. the_good_life
    My muskrat just arrived safely. Also curious I applied a drop to my arm. Sharply animalic, salty fishy (reminding me of Vietnamese fish sauce) for a short moment, a bit of rodent cage, it then quiets down instantly into a sweet musky skin vibe with faintly Indian hair oil traces (but that just may be perfume traces from my sweater...).
  9. Lellabelle
    My muskrat arrived today. What beautiful packaging! Just opened it an hour ago and testing a little on the back of my hand this evening.
    A slightly sharp opening, no doubt from the alcohol in the tincture, and a strong animal muskiness in the opening. Quite fruity and warm, with some similarities to castoreum in the fruitiness, though much softer. It transitions through a very salty phase shortly afterward, and was briefly reminiscent of ambergris in this regard; I understand the good life's reference to 'salty fishy', though it was definitely more of a salt sea vibe on me, rather than fish. Very pleasant, like salt on skin, with the slight fruitiness hovering in the background. It's currently in its third stage so far, a very creamy, soft, muskiness, with a balance of sweet and savoury that's quite hard to describe. The closest thing I can liken it to is white truffle (tuber magnatum pico), with a little white chocolate. Very pretty, indeed.
    As an aside, my dog is absolutely entranced by it.
  10. Lellabelle
    Thank you Salaam, for including the samples - it was wonderful to be able to sample Cuoio dei Dolci after the group discussion recently! A blast of castoreum to start, with an ambery, almost medicinal aspect that reminded me of a visit to the dentist for a few moments. Like birch tar soap, or antiseptic, with an ambery backbone. Is there a touch of labdanum in this? It transformed into a very plush tonka shortly after, with vanilla and cocoa supporting for an overall very soft gourmand feel. The tobacco is subtle, I love the note so perhaps I don't perceive it as keenly as others. The coffee takes a milky aspect, in combination with the other notes. Like a cocoa dusted cappuccino. Extremely well balanced, and very wearable. Quite different to anything else I've tried. Unisex to my mind (I would happily wear this), but I can see this appealing to a male audience particularly. Its a very masculine gourmand. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes coumarin, tobacco, suede (the leather in this turns very soft as it develops!), coffee or cocoa notes. Very skillfully done!
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