Powerhouse Fragrance Users Roll Call

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  1. Bavard
    I am a new member to the Powerhouse Fragrance Users Group, and started this Roll Call to get to know some of the legends among its 765 members. Thank you to Shamu1 for maintaining the group. I especially enjoy the description:

    "A group for members who wear old-school and powerhouse styled masculine fragrances, with emphasis on fragrances released before 1990. Powerhouse fragrances from the 70's and 80's, colognes from the '60s, barbershop fragrances and aftershaves, and any other fragrance that exudes old-school masculine style are up for discussion here. Scents like Kouros, Pino Silvestre, Brut, Quorum, Giorgio For Men, Ho Hang, Moustache, Francesco Smalto Pour Homme, etc. are all good to go here. Modern niche fragrances need not apply!"

    I have been a powerhouse fragrance wearer since 2014, hailing from these United States. Three favorites are Paco Rabanne Pour Homme (1973), Antaeus (1981), and Giorgio for Men (1984). When I've been thinking of adding to my collection recently, my thoughts have turned to Guerlain, a bottle of Vetiver edc could be the next "new" one.

    Who else do we have here?
  2. epapsiou
    I joined BM in Sep 2015 and almost immediately got into vintage and powerhouse and so joined the group over a year ago.
    Looking at my wardrobe I think powerhouse are the genre I enjoy the most and is what turned me on to vintage in the first place
  3. badarun
    Count me in as a gratitude filled member. Moustache was an early favorite, probably when I was 23.

    Bavard / Epapsiou - try Ebene de Balmain if you can. Also VIP Special Reserve...
  4. Bavard
    Ebene de Balmain and Giorgio VIP are two I've tried, however, not Moustache.
  5. Colin Maillard
    Colin Maillard
    I'm defnitely in! Especially loving vintage Rabanne pour Homme, Brut, Ho Hang (just snatched a proper beeswax box - pure heaven) and Acqua di Selva these days.
  6. Francolino
    Davidoff by Davidoff, was my signature and I was just 24...! in the early 80's all i can remember were Balafre, Jules, Kouros...no light weights like today! Those were the days..even because I was much younger!
  7. epapsiou
    I have tried VIP and was not very impressed.Not a bad fragrance but Hype/quality ratio and price/quality is too high.
    I have Moustache and will send you some Bavard with the rose pass.
    @Colin - Ho Hang is my favourite from this era. It does not get the respect it deserve.
    @Francolino - Davidoff is nuclear and lasts for ever. I have ther AS and that wears like EDP
  8. Francolino
    @epapsiou, such a shame it's not around anymore, so many good memories with it!
  9. freewheelingvagabond
    I recently came across a mini bottle of Davidoff - it is good stuff! I'm keen to try Ho Hang and Moustache.
  10. IsoESuperman
    Liking the forum workaround! Have been on vacation since they went down, but anyway, powerhouse fan here. I'll never forget the day I tried the 1st version of Kouros, one of my most memorable moments in this hobby. Some favorites are Furyo , M de Morabito, and early PRPH. Love many from the powerhouse era that aren't necessarily powerhouses as well (Or Black, Lauder for Men, Bugatti, Givenchy Gentleman, etc.). I believe epapsiou sent me samples of both Ho Hang and Davidoff (AS?) that I still haven't get around to trying. Need to remedy that soon.
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