Is it possible the new KOUROS to be stronger again?

  1. MacTukaTa
    Hello to every fan of the mythical king KOUROS de Yves Saint Laurent.
    Kouros has been my signature scent since 2006 (Gucci Era). This was the time I met the beast. And it was good as hell.
    The last two bottles that I bought of L'Oreal are like everyone says „a pale shadow“ of the King. And it is getting worse.
    The first bottle with white shoulders that i get 3 years ago was still good for me, but the latest one, bought 6 months ago is crap.
    I have to reapply the fragrance every 2-3 hours just to be able to sense it. This pulled me off the edge!
    I never have the honour to know the original „Charles of the Ritz“, „Parfums Corp.“ and even the third „Sanofi“ era juice, but still when I met it in the late 2005 was a life-changing experience.

    I am writing this to ask all you, fans of Kouros, is there any way for us to start a campaign against L'Oreal to make Kouros strong again with the new IFRA restrictions? Everything has a substitute! I don't care if my favourite juice have real civet and oakmoss. I'm not a perfume maker or a chemist! I just want my signature cologne to be strong again and to last a whole day! I am sure that there is a way (with the new restrictions) to produce a strong formulation of Kouros now with synthetic substitutes of civet and oakmoss and they can call it whatever they want: „KOUROS Limited Edition“, „KOUROS Concentrate“ or „KOUROS Eau de Perfume“ — I don't care of the name. They can make that version a lot expensive — I still don't give a dime. I just want to be able freely to have my strong KOUROS again. Is that so impossible?!

    I want to know what you guys think about that?

  2. Hovo
    the Kouros from 1984 year is stronger more raw and have powerful staying projection & outstanding longevity compared with 2005 year version,anyway I think it is possible to bring old Kouros to the production,we need willingness(desire) more and more people to get involved to start campaign.
  3. Oldspice
    This is bad news that it's been watered down. My 2014 bottle is very close to how I remember Kouros being in the early 2000s.
    I think the 2017 bottles smell rather floral, soapy, and clove-y. Very good for us traditional urine/animal-haters, who respect the sense classy soapiness thst kouros has alwasy had.
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