Your Favorite Low Cost Standbys....

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  1. gmmcnair
    gmmcnair low cost is a relative term. Someone who is into niche fragrances may look at many high end designer fragrances as low cost and that's fine. What I'm thinking of is more along the lines of what you see at Marshalls, T J Maxx, and the online discounters.....basically, a lot of bang for the buck. Here are some of mine, in no particular order.

    Quorum (Puig)
    Tabac (Maurer + Wirtz)
    Santa Fe
    PS (Paul Sebastian)
    Adidas Team Force
    Samba Star (Perfumers Workshop)
    Jovan Sex Appeal and Jovan Musk for Men
    Old Spice

    What are some of yours?
  2. Scent-e-mental
    Great idea to start this group! Most of my fragrances ahave been bought cheaply and in Australia (where I live) Chemists sell a large proportion of the fragrances. Some of my favourites are:

    Quorum (I've seen it for as low as $12.50 Aus)
    Grey Flannel (120ml after shave and a 120ml EDT for $19)
    Old spice (though the Edt is not available in Aust)
    PS fine cologne
    English Blazer
    Dana English Leather Black
    (there are plenty more)
  3. gmmcnair
    Thanks Scent-e-mental! I figured it might be an outlet for those of us not looking to spend a fortune. I too love the English Leather Black, but I only get an hour or so longevity. I reviewed it and gave it a neutral for that reason. But it is a nice smelling hour.

    I'm looking forward to getting out my Santa's quite similar to Third Man by Caron but a little more powdery. Great stuff, and doesn't project as much (good for the fall in the office).
  4. Niles
    In addition to all those mentioned so far I would add Stetson.
  5. gmmcnair
    I agree about Stetson...wonderful fragrance. I need to pull my bottle out of the bureau and make it a SOTD.
  6. shamu1
    Quorum, Lomani and Grey Flannel are my favorite cheapies. I don't consider myself a "fan" of drugstore/discount scents, since I don't gravitate towards them over other types, but I know a good frag when I smell one, and there are a ton of great fragrances out there for peanuts.

    I also love Stetson, Tabac, Sex Appeal, etc., etc., etc... I could go on all day.
  7. Sporenburg
    Over here in Europe Grey Flannel isn't considered to be a cheapy...alas.

    There's a bunch of Spanish dirt cheap eau de cologne's in huge bottles (you know Agua Lavanda, S3, Heno de Pravia, Nenuco) that always are on stand-by (although I'll have to admit I haven't tried one spring though.)
  8. shamu1
    Oops I forgot about Agua Lavanda! I wear the stuff every day, so that's probably my favorite cheapo frag.
  9. gmmcnair
    I have yet to find and smell Agua Lavanda, although I'm a big fan of Puig's Quorum and Agua Brava. It sounds lovely.
  10. Nevena
    Mine are Narcisse Chloe, Cabotine, Replique, Rumba, Grey Flanne, K Krizial. Not all of those are cheap here in Europe. I often find them cheap abroad and order online. Trussardi in the white bottle is now a great fave. I bougth a tester for 16 euro and it's one of the greatest scents on my table. It's still unchanged, mossy, with a pungent animalic note. I'll experiment with really drugstore fragrances, but I'm scared of desapointment. Some of Dana's frags used to be exeptionally nice, but I heard they are now reformulated. I used to wear Chantilly - similar to Shalimar but less spicy, Lutece - I won't buy now as Ombre rose - similar, but finer is as cheap as Lutece, Demi-jour - stunning sweet aromatic chypre similar to Safari.
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