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  1. mammakay
    I wore Nahema, both perfume and EDT, in the early 1980's.
    Nahema smelled what warm electric blue looked like. That's how it felt. I was about 26, I'd spent my youth drenched in Oh! de London, wore things like Aliage in college, and then into some mainstream stuff.

    One day I walked into John Wanamaker's in Philadelphia and the Guerlain lady hit me with this scent. My world shifted a bit on its axis. The best smell in the entire universe was Guerlain Nahema perfume, bar none, hands down. Wow.

    Fast forward about 35 years. I scored a 3/4 bottle of Nahema, one ounce of the perfume, on eBay. Stupidly expensive. (I hadn't heard of Basenotes at that time.) When I smelled it, the treasured top notes were gone. The warm electric blue wasn't plugged in somehow. I was a bit heartbroken.
    How could this be?

    My question is, How can I tell if the rest of the scent is intact? Not being experienced in vintage perfumes, I wouldn't know if something went bad, is it worth saving, and so on. If anyone on this thread could actually tell, I would volunteer to send a decant to be tested by a nose much better experienced and knowledgable than mine.
    Any ideas?

    I have a modern FB of the EDP, thinking I could layer it over the perfume to get the top notes.
  2. Couronne de Violette
    Couronne de Violette
    A post about one of the most interesting perfumes of all, and no replies. Although it's years old, I'm replying to pay tribute to this electricity-spiced big "rose" that I thought I hated in decant form (heavy, not very interesting), then tried as a vintage tester. Woah. The metallic accord is radiant and the rose emerges from that veil of neon like Marlene Dietrich in Touch of Evil from behind her beaded curtain. The interplay between the two is bizarre, mesmerizing, and it somehow works and reconfigures what you thought was possible. Even with its accolades, it is underrated.

    I've had good luck with vintage testers, including L'Heure Bleue. Thank God for them.
  3. Starlet fume
    Starlet fume
    I too have had great luck with Vintage Nahema. I have the vintage Parfum. But most of my vintage EDTs from Guerlain have held up in the other fragrances as well. In fact I usually go vintage if possible mostly due to the longevity. I will admit that the current Nahema is still a beautiful long lasting powerhouse.
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