Powerhouse Fragrance Line "Slumberhouse" Relaunches "Baque" 30ml Extract in Small Limited Edition

  1. MarshallLaw
    Hi friends,

    I trust my fragrance consultant more then my former and current financial advisor. However, she did not disappoint this time or never over the years I have known her. I needed a new "powerhouse" winter fragrance for my collection that was different then any other EDP or extract on the niche market. I explained I was interested in the boozy type of top note to add to my winter collection. She suggested (ironically, the fragrance line named Slumberhouse...like the name of this user group as an option. I wanted a type of boozy extract other then the gray marketed Nasamotto's new extract Baradono. Before I describe Baque and the re-release last week in the new bottle in a very small limited edition, I wanted to explain I would rather blind buy from a trusted and well respected thought-leader in fragrance and pay full retail price because that is hour retailers make their money off those margins. Let's face it...niche is not cheap, unless you purchase it on the gray market.

    The only similarity is Slumberhouse's Baque is a 30ml extract like Nasamotto's Barando. However there are many differences with Baque on top...hey, that rhymes. Please pretend I didn't just try to rhyme. Barando is more expensive in retail stores. However, you can get it cheaper then Baque on the gray market. Niche is art and I would rather have service of consult from a trusted advisor and thought-leader then save a $30 - $50 online for something I could have missed out on. Buy purchasing full retail value from a trusted advisor they get the margin they deserve. Slumberhouse has not and will not sell out like Amouage, Nasamotto and Bond No. 9 to name a few of very many. However sometimes distributors take select skus of various lines like Xerjoff and find to get only limited of hundreds of skus on the grey market. Simply because they bought too much to sell to retailers. I despise the grey market. I am all for buying a fragrance at T.J. Maxx that ended up for $19 due to someone's lack of niche or vintage fragrance knowledge. Which is okay. We all know niche is not for all.

    Quick kudos to Josh Meyer of Imaginary Author's, Ramon Monegal and Xerjoff's efforts not to sell out to the grey market.

    The boozy top and heart notes with the long middle notes of fig and apricot blew my mind with the base notes which included an amazing patchouli. After she sent me samples of several options including Baradono I blind sampled several vials and it turned out Baque was spoke to me and I had to have it! She explained to me Slumberhouse was sending her the first box of the re-release limited edition and she promptly she it 2 day FedEx at no charge. The limited-edition re-released Baque was only $160 and two spays last 4-6 hours. The new bottles adopted since the rebranding of Slumberhouse is stunning.

    Finally, I wanted to mention I sampled Slumberhouse's Kiste. You must check this powerhouse out for spring. It is currently available and same new bottle/finished goods in limited edition at the same price I believe of $160 with a spring boozy honeysuckle top note. I felt like I was at the Kentucky derby when I sampled. I am getting this next. I NEVER buy two niche fragrances from the same line.

    I am probably the first person in Chicago and only at the moment to have it. I have worn it twice. I never concern myself or care if people like what I choose to wear. I wear what makes me feel like "I am at my best". We all need that in our life. Especially, in the New Year! Happy 2018 folks.

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