Fume by Hendley (2015)

  1. junior_surgeon
    I wore some Fume today on what was hopefully the last day of heavy rain we'll have here for a while. Fume vibes really well with overcast weather I think, and the dense fog suited it perfectly. It's a dank beast, maybe not completely suited for your standard workplace but perfectly at home in the chilly rain.

    Fume has a very nice front-and-center balsam fir absolute note that wears a little bit like newer versions of Norne, and it hits you hard on first spray. While there isn't an explicitly listed smoke note it's like the aftermath of a forest fire, maybe once the fire has been put out by rain. There is a muted hit of oakmoss that lends a bit of damp greenery to the scene.

    After a few hours the fir retreats to a degree and the tea, oakmoss and vetiver become much more prominent. I like this stage the least, but it's still quite nice. Fume sticks around for most of the day with a single spray under my shirt.

    I think one of it's greatest strengths is in it's ability to be vividly transportive; if you've been hiking or camping then wearing this is sure to bring back some memories. When you're pining for a getaway trip to the mountains, a few sprays of Fume might satisfy you instead.
  2. odysseusm
    That is an evocative description, and the scent sounds great.
  3. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    Yes it does! Another one on my list now. Thanks Junior Surgeon!
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