Bonsai by House of Matriarch (2019)

  1. junior_surgeon
    I got an email earlier today from House of Matriarch about their new scent here.

    From the website:

    BONSAI - The "Evergreen Dream" Fragrance


    Seemingly undirected, wild and natural, BONSAI honors the endless ritual and joy of the Zen Garden. Forget the usual players - rarified notes of alligator juniper, black copal and artisan distilled evergreens fully express the radiance and depth we all crave in a "green" fragrance.

    Delightfully timeless, bursting specimen conifers are the pathway to the heart of a pristine reflection garden where you partake in bonsai's companion ritual - the tea ceremony. Here, the fresh beginning is harmonized to the ancient wood base, rooting into the soil of your most primitive pleasure centers with touchpoints of incense and spice.

    ships 5/31/19

    I'm super stoked about this one, I absolutely love HoM's fir accords and Bonsai sounds wonderfully zen with conifers, tea, incense, and spices. I'll probably order the 18 ml, feel free to pm if anyone wants a few ml to share(apologies if that's against the rules to say here).
  2. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    This does sound like it may be amazing! I don't typically care for "tea" notes in my fragrances, but that doesn't dissuade me from checking this out. Thanks for the heads up!
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